He was confused about MBA or MCA, they were fighting for Marathi!

Posted: November 11, 2009 by moifightclub in etc, life, News, Thoughts
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taxiFrom Lower Parel station, my office is at walking distance. But most of us prefer to take cabs. And with ever growing number of offices in this area, its becoming more difficult to get a cab. The shorter the distance, the bigger is the problem. During morning hours, its almost impossible. And if you manage one, you should know that its your lucky day. 

I felt lucky yesterday. Came out of the station, a taxi stopped closed by. I asked, he noded. The man must be in his early 50’s. On the way to office, I saw him staring at me twice, through the mirror, as I was on the phone. Five minutes travel and I was near my office entrance. As I handed the minimum fare of fourteen rupees to the cabbie, he immediately asked me “Saab yeah part-time aur full-time MBA me bahut fark hai kya ?”

I took a moment to realise what was he talking. Having done lot of unwanted career counselling I wasnt new to it but it was all of a sudden. 

I explained him the difference and opened the door to get down. He took the money, looked at it  and again turned back towards me.

Yeh MBA accha hai ya MCA ?

I was just about to get down. Stopped. The man sounded genuinely interested. Tried to tell him that both courses are good, it all depends on the person who is doing it, and from the institute where you are pursuing it. He informed me that “beta toh chalak hi hai…..tez hai……IT me BSc kiya hai….pehle bol raha tha MCA karega. Phir kuch din se bol raha hai ki Papa MBA hi accha hoga”.  


College days. Career choice. Confusions. Now I have realised that most of us always make the right career choice at second take. Some make it happen, some wait for it to happen and others die with the first one. First career choice depends on lot of external factors, and most importantly the environment you are in. Second career choice – you have seen the world, you know the world. You know what you like. And what you really like.


I tried to pass on my maha-gyaan to him, though am struggling to move to my second career choice these days. Oops its third. Or fourth. Not sure, may be fifth. Once I wanted to be a mason because it feels superb to see the way cement settles down and becomes so strong.

Aapke bete ka dil jisme lage, wahi karne ko boliye. Force mat kiziye. 

Yeh Khalsa College accha hai ?

I plead ignorance as am not sure about the college and the course. Told him that I havent studied here. He smiled.

Aap kahan se hain ?


Main bhi Benaras se hoon. Accha shukriya.


Office room. Lot of people glued to tv sets. Swearing in ceremony. Raj Thackeray’s goondas (and one of them is Golden Goonda. He always wears 2.5kg gold) wants Abu Azmi to speak Marathi. And the rest we all know.

Today Shiv Sena tried to reclaim lost ground by attacking Abu Azmi and warned him against making any remarks on Bal Thackeray.

Thats the difference between the real and the fake issue. Its as simple. Not sure whom they are making idiots and will continue this for how long. As for the game, well we all know the tricks. Real issues. Politics. Real estate. Money. The ruling party will not do anything concrete. Because as long as MNS is there, votes will get divided and they will be in power. They are even funding MNS to some extent. Its the kind of politics what they call “fake right, go left”. Though here there is no left or right. Its the so called marathi pride of the marathi manoos. Aha..the word “manoos” has such a human face, calming effect to it. But with a “marathi” prefix, all I can see is colour violent!

And in this situation, where is the solution ? Its better to think about your MBA or MCA, leave the marathi pride and everything marathi to the people with myopic view of the world. They have even given a marathi spin to the national anthem. If you go to any of the Cinemax theatres, you will notice that the national anthem video that they play before the film starts, has only marathi actors. All in white starched kurtas and sarees. Quite ironic to the concept of “national”.

Whats next ? Only Maharashtrian dogs who can bark in marathi ? 

  1. kartik krishnan says:

    dunno if to 🙂 or 😦

  2. Anand Kadam says:

    me being a marathi , at times feel ashamed coz of MNS….but believe me the average marathi manoos is totally different from what is being projected these days…….what can i say more, please dont generalise everyone under the same category……

  3. Decorr says:


  4. Vishakha shirke says:

    I am totally agreed with anand kadam ,so please dont generalise because politicians are making maharashtra weaker but still if you CAN, try any other state and try to teach them lessons of nationality and unity..the whole nation is yours!

  5. moifightclub says:

    anand/vishakha – no, dont get me wrong. no generalisation here. its always a mixed bag everywhere. wrote what i experienced n felt. but whats really sad is that i dont hear a marathi voice against MNS. a public figure who comes out in the open and criticises all this shit. like in today’s TOI i read how mrinal sen spoke against the state governemnt at the kolkata film festival. in front of the state CM. though he was left supporter once but what is right is right. and if the public figures n idols dont speak up, who will ?

  6. Neeraja says:

    At the risk of sounding like MNS people…ab to benaras ko banaras kar do yaar! 😀

  7. Vasanbala says:

    “Once I wanted to be a mason because it feels superb to see the way cement settles down and becomes so strong.”

    I still want too.

    On MBA, MCA and Marathi.

    M ko M nahi to kya L bolega.

    Totally out of context and donno what it means…but could not resist the bullshit.

  8. moifightclub says:

    kaam nahi hai aaj kya! the bullshit is about the real issue and fake one…even a cab driver knows what matters and he is worried about it, whatever info he can get from wherever. btw, were you born and cocooned in mumbai ?

  9. satirical says:

    UP/Bihari scumbags in action!!! Concentrate on developing your states and world would be a better place for everyone else. Keep squealing in your Hindi language in your own states.

  10. vinita says:

    but whats wrong in marathi actors national anthem? Its a marathi industry’s anthem. you have various versions of them.. one with only singers/ hindi industry / school kids/ etc… Am sure even kollywood, tollywood, begali industry have thr own videos! Infact what is important is that the anthem is the same & all of indians want to sing it ! the marathi guys are also singing .. all the states in it, in the same language (not translated) & show the pride that a national anthem commands. Doesn’t every indian have a right to sing it ? then why the issue with this effort? or are you some sort of MNS yourself? like an anti-marathi MNS party ? just we have we have hindu parties & others who call secular (who are only anti-hindu)!!!!

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