Book On Om Puri To Reveal It All. Courtesy : Wife Nandita Puri

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Om Puri Nandita PuriFirst lesson : Don’t marry a journalist if you are famous and have lots of bones in closet. Because once a journalist is always a journalist.

Second lesson : And if you marry a journalist, never ask him/her to write your biography!

Jokes apart, three cheers to Nandita Puri for the tell-all biography of her husband Om Puri. Not everyone can dare to do so. And its almost impossible when you are related to your subject. The book (Unlikely Hero : Om Puri) is not yet out, and we are not sure if its really going to reveal all, but if the film is going to be anything close to what the teaser is promising, we are looking forward.

In an industry where everything is in closet and where we are all holier-than-thou you can only expect some fakeographies! And so this is going to be refrshing change.

Tehelka has published excerpts from the book. Scroll down to read or you can click here. And yes,  Shiney Ahuja is not the only bai-sexual! Ask Mahesh Bhatt, he can give you few more names.

Of a pump and a bed

Om grew up in an environment almost devoid of women. His mother, Tara Devi was the only woman he knew for years until he reached his Mamaji’s place in Sanaur. [T]here were no girls of his age and the only women he knew were his maternal aunts and the maids. So it was but natural for Om to take a liking to older women. He must have been around fourteen when he was ‘deflowered’. A fifty-five-year-old woman, Santi, used to provide general help in his maternal uncle’s house. Twice a day, water was drawn into the house with a hand pump and Om was asked to assist Santi in the job. Days went by and Om kept pressing the pump backwards and forwards, till one day he realized that Santi would first touch, then caress and finally fondle him during the task. The young boy began to get turned on without knowing what was happening to him.

One day there was a power failure and in the dark, Santi grabbed Om, who was by then totally aroused. They slept together and the fourteen-yearold felt really great having ‘come of age’. Dark, greying, with a toothless grin, always dressed in half-torn salwars, Santi was Om’s first lover.

The fourteen-year-old’s lust for Santi spilled over into a kind of attraction towards another older woman. This was his badi maami or older maternal aunt, Gomti Devi. It was perhaps this infatuation that led Om to caress the exposed navel of his other aunt, Satya Devi, one summer night on the family terrace under a moonlit sky. Though it was the younger aunt he was physically caressing, it was actually the aura of his older aunt that had overwhelmed him…

Whatever the reason, his naïve act led to his shame and expulsion from the Kapoor household and Om was left to fend for himself.

The maid he almost married

[In 1986, when his girlfriend Mala left him, Om was living in an apartment in a complex called Trishul where his] staff consisted of a mother and daughter duo from Andhra Pradesh, Amma and her daughter Lakshmi. When they first came to Trishul, they stank a lot as they used to work in the local Versova fish market. It took a lot of coaxing on Om’s part and several rounds of scrubbing with soap on their part to get rid of the stink.

Initially, Lakshmi and Amma used to serve part-time but seeing Om’s hapless predicament with his nephews after Mala’s departure, they stayed on to work full-time. Between them, they did all the housework and Lakshmi took pains to manage things well. Also, whenever Om was at home, she made an extra effort to cook special food for him and walked around the house coyly. She even flirted with him playfully. Om did not fail to notice all this.

Lakshmi had a dark and voluptuous matronly appearance and Om found her suitably attractive. Thus, their short-term physical relationship began. A few months later, Om realized that Lakshmi was getting quite attached to him. And since he was feeling grateful to her, on the spur of the moment, he decided to marry her… Om thought he too could set an example for society. Or maybe he felt his reel life, where he acted out socially meaningful roles, should spill over into his real life.

‘Thank God I woke up quickly from my idealistic stupor and did not commit to Lakshmi. We had nothing, absolutely nothing in common,’ Om says. Lakshmi soon began to get very possessive about him… Om did not like this and decided to terminate their short affair. Lakshmi, however, was not one to take it lying down. [She] tried to climb onto the terrace rail and announced she was going to jump seven storeys down. When Om pulled her back, she yelled hysterically, ‘Nahin, mujhe marne do! (No, let me die!)’ Om could not have asked for a more melodramatic scene of a break-up than this!

First smell of money

On a holiday to Delhi, Naseer prodded him to go to Pune, but funds were the main hindrance that kept Om away. He applied for a Punjab government scholarship which did not come immediately. In the meantime, a friend from NSD, Neelam Mansingh asked her friend, a businessman, Jugnu Singh to sponsor Om. Jugnu agreed and on that assurance Om joined FTII. But Jugnu’sfunds never materialized…

Om got in and was able to manage the two years’ acting course in Pune due to the kindness of some friends and teachers. One such person was Girish Karnad. During the interview, students were asked to recite two passages, one of their choice and one that had been sent by the institute. Om’s passage was Mark Anthony’s speech from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. Om was good. But the interview board wondered why they should take Om as a student. ‘He doesn’t look like a hero, nor like a villain, nor a comedian. What use will he be of to the industry?’ they chorused.

‘‘That is not our problem,’ Karnad, who was then the director of FTII, insisted… During his first summer vacation, Karnad recommended Om to B.V. Karanth to play the lead in his hour-long children’s film, Chor Chor Chhup Jaaye. That was Om Puri’s first film and he played a vagabond. His first co-actor was a monkey called Ramu. He made friends with Ramu and sported an unkempt look to go with his character in the film. When the payment was handed to him, Om did not know how to react. He had never seen so much money together – all of three thousand rupees! But he ensured that the money saw him through the entire FTII course.

Tehelka has also done an interview with Nandita, and when asked if she had to hold back anything, she said “Yes, I guess so. I’m used to profiling people, but it’s different as a wife. Even though I did reveal a lot, I did have to hold a little back. At first, he was very apprehensive. He was not very keen that I do the biography. He had asked me to do it in the beginning when I was a young journalist interviewing him. He was just conspiring to spend more time with me. Once I became his wife, he didn’t need such ploys. Later on, it was my decision. Om is constantly talking, so in a way it is more like an autobiography than a biography. I’m saying all the things Om has been meaning to say all these years.

You can read the full interview here.

In today’s Mumbai Mirror, Om Puri has given an interview to SKJha and reacted to his wife’s book and all the stories of his sexual adventures. But since its by SKJha, we take everything with a pinch bowl of salt. To quote Om Puri…

I don’t care  if she’s my wife. I won’t let her get away with it. My wife has reduced a very important and sacred part of my life to cheap and lurid gossip. I had shared these dark secrets with my wife as all husbands do. If she chose to make them public at least she should’ve made sure to maintain a dignity about experiences that are a valuable part of my life. Has she forgotten that I have a standing in society and I’ve worked hard to achieve all that I have today? I won’t allow her to throw it all away for the sake of sensationalism.

You can read the full interview here. This all seems like great publicity and buzz for the book just before its release. We are booking our copy for sure. Because Om Puri still remains one of our all time favourite actors!

  1. mansi says:

    i just feel ki hum log kitne gir chuke hain seriously..kisi aur ki stupid sex life se humein kya lena dena…sorry..moifightclub..but seriously..i m not interested !!! this shows ur level of cheapo-ism..

  2. mansi says:

    p.s. nd honestly..y blame d filmstars..majority of d public has something or the other hidden in their closets… even the most sati savitri aunty jis and behen jis in our neighbourhood( did u see SACH KA SAAMNA..nd they r ready 2 reveal all on camera 4 d sake of few lakhs)….nd we all pretend to be holier than thou….so y always blame d film stars…filmstars r just like us..they r our own reflection…nd d reflection of d entire society!!! nobody is perfect..not u ,,not me,,nd not anybody in this world..we all put up a facade more often than not!!!

  3. Manu Warrier says:

    “three cheers to Nandita Puri for the tell-all biography of her husband Om Puri. Not everyone can dare to do so. ”

    Well the point of the autobiography was to be inspirational, so in a way it should have focused on Om’s struggles and how he reached up, rather than revealing what’s in his closet. Don’t understand how it becomes inspirational.

    I don’t agree tell-all approach when she screwed up her husband’s vision of his autobiography and purpose, though she was a journalist in the past, she is not writing a sexual scandal, but a respected actor’s autobiography. I am surprised as his wife she couldn’t get it right, maybe she married him because he was OM, and not the man she loved.

  4. moifightclub says:

    @Manu – am sure she must hav written about the struggle part also. check out the last bit first smell of money. but the sex part is too grab attention and sell more copies. cz its difficult to sell otherwise. i dont know many who hav read amrish puri’s biography though its great read.

  5. moifightclub says:

    @mansi – first comment – to each his/her own! second comment – completely agree. we all just fake it. am sure most of us hav lots in closet!

  6. Nimisha says:

    though this post might be meant to be taken in a lighter vein, I really think you do Om Puri an injustice and give Shiney Ahuja too much credit by comparing them. Sexual experiences with older women in teenage are heard about very often. Though its not written about very often, I’m sure its a very common thing.
    Shiney Ahuja RAPED a 19 year old girl. The fact that she was his housemaid was just a circumstance that helped him. But a rape is a rape, its not comparable to teenage ‘deflowering’ experiences.

  7. ipsita shome says:

    My personal view on Mr.Puri’s comment is that he is doing it completely due to the sake of publicity before the biography releases. It can’t be that he out of nothing got a shock from the media about his wife’s doings! Obviously he read the biography before it became public.

    P.S. salute to Nandita Puri for such a dauntless attempt!

    • Om Fan says:

      Now in 2013 do you understand that it was not a publicity stunt ? He was Upset and he is still Upset about it..

  8. I met both of them some years back when Big B was there to launch Nandita’s collection of short stories. I interviewed the couple and their lovely son…It was one of the best interview I ever managed to get only because it was a sincere one from both the party. Mr. Puri will always remain my favourite actor no matter what…His sexual encounters doesn’t interest me one bit…if he entertains me with his outstanding par excellence acting the next time around I am all for it…Love u Mr. Puri

  9. Rajeev says:

    It’s nothing, just a method to achieving cheap publicity. She is really dam irresponsible about her relation. But Mr. Puri is also responsible for all. I am shocked after knowing his foolishness. Beware all couples It’s matter of trust and faith don’t cheat your partner.

  10. savitha says:

    what ever may be the fact Om Puri is the one of the most versatile actors. he is simply great. publishing his personal matters is violation of right to privacy and the same cannot be appreciated. As a lawyer, though the consequences of adultery are knows to me, i feel any such irresponsible comment on a great actor can not be encouraged. in fact i had a dream in my college days to act with him which could not be fulfilled at all. The sex favours, sex scandals, sexual harassment are there everywhere. in fact it is lesser in the theater and film line. Because at the age of 41, having finished my LLB graduation and looking for a Senior Advocate created a hell lot of havoc in my life. Most of them sought sex favour which i openly refused and so far i am unable to get a good job as i have no god father. Talents, intelligence dont work these days. I appreciate Girish Karnad so much for facilitating the great actor OM PURI to the industry.

  11. Preety says:

    Ompuri is the one of the most versatile actors and he gave a great contribution to Indian cinema ..
    Shame on Nandita puri..she should secret whatever between her n her husband …should not share it publically ..there are so much secrets between husband and wife ..inside the home .. but it doesn’t mean ….it should be made an open secret for the sake of sensationalism.

  12. Pritam Kapoor says:

    The little that is available for a read is so coarse that the putridity of the whole wafts though. I shudder to imagine what evil the author must be harbouring within her, destroying her husband’s reputation by smearing the lifetime effort to make a decent living with sex-dung, and to top it with a police complaint. Is this not rape of the illustrious man by an impotent woman? What punishment is enough for this “journalist” for murdering Om Puri’s image?

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