First Look : Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan (Trailer) & why is the text plagiarised!

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The first trailer of Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan is out. And its pitch perfect. The trailer exactly tells what the movie is all about.

And now the problem! Why is the text in the trailer straight lift from one of our favourite trailers of last year – Where The Wild Things Are! If you dont believe us, just play the video. Inside all of us is HOPE. Inside all of us is Fear. Even the way it comes on screen, is the same. After Cannes, we had to see this ? Can any soul enlighten us ? Who cut this trailer ? Someone surely is Un-certain of few things! Beware!

For our review of Udaan, poster, pics, synopsis and all the jazz from Cannes, click on this post and follow the links given in the post.

  1. varun k3 says:

    hey i don’t really know who cut the trailer but i’m one of the asst. directors of the movie and have seen the film wild things was a good movie but only a fantasy and that too adapted from a book this story tells u about the real real problems a teenage boy goes through in India the society and family etc. u know wat whoever is saying anything about no offence but after you come out of the theatre u will say hey that was me in some way or the other it…u wont beleive this but everyone in the crew said the same thing hey that happend wid me so and so thing happend wid me so plz plz first see the movie and do any sorta comparisons…filmakers of india copy frame to frame from hollywood films and sell them as masala films out here and the audiences pay also 280-300 to go and watch it…nuthing personal but please understand the pain behind the film with the budget we made it in and more then a dozen producers backing out of it and vikram struggling for the last 7 years to make this movie please please beleive us we will keep our promise to everyone there is no lie behind the promo and actually giving a true insight about the movie… Thank You Varun Khettry. Asst.Director cum one of the actors of the film.

    • hai varun,
      I’m from Business Standard, New Delhi. Regarding a story on debutante directors I wana talk to Vikrmaditya. could u give me any of his contacts. Mail, phone no. Anything @

      gajendra singh bhati

    • Viraj says:

      Hi Varun,

      I am from the Times Of India Group and seek help from you regarding contact details of Mr. Vikramaditya. we wish to invite him as a speaker for one of our initiatives in May. request you to please help us regarding the same. Regards, Viraj Pradhan, , 9892531381

  2. moifightclub says:

    oh dear Varun k3! Yes, we have seen the film. Both the films. We know there is nothing common n we never said that. We also know all the struggle n sweat story. Seems u r here for the first time. Do check our old posts. N we also understand that being an AD, u must have given n taken a lot but will gain the least. But do go back to the post n read it again.

  3. kabir kapoor says:

    Man!!! how can you call this plagiarism. both the promos are so damn different. I understand ur point about the supers, but for two words you are fucking up the whole promo. this is really unfair ya. and both the words fit perfectly in it’s own way in the udaan promo. maybe it’s inspired or something. but plagiarism…. dude nooooooo!!!! this is one of the best promo’s i’ve ever seen.

  4. jahan says:

    Copying the taglines word to word is plagiarism… No two ways about that… Not on the part of the filmmakers though. And it rankles all the more seeing it in a trailer for a brave, original film like this. Wish we had better more innovative and original publicity designers here.

  5. jahan says:

    I do concede that the promo is well cut otherwise. Perhaps ‘for two words why fuck the promo?’ is a question you should ask the person(s) who made the trailer, and not the writer of this piece. Best of luck to the team of Udaan… We’re all dying to see the film.

  6. […] (PS – Something similar had happened when Udaan’s trailer came out. The text was plagiarised from the trailer of Where The Wild Things Are and we had mentioned in our post.) […]

  7. Moviekeeda says:

    Regarding the font used in Udaan poster lifted from WTWTA, go & check Freaks & Geeks poster here -> Do you think Spike Jonze’s team got inspired there?

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