VOTD : Amitabh Bachchan’s Gujarat Tourism TVC

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From Uttar Pradesh, he has happily moved to Gujarat. From one terror state to another. The actor, not really known for taking political stand, was criticised this time too. But he went ahead, saying he is promoting only Gujarat Tourism and not Narendra Modi. Aha!

BTW, do click here to read the Open magazine’s cover story on Amitabh Bachchan’s political affiliations and click here to read the open letter by Najid Hussain, son-in-law of late MP Ahsan Jafri who was killed in mob violence in Ahmedabad. And click on the play button to watch the Gujarat Tourism TVC…

  1. Ramen says:

    Why should everything in Gujarat be related to the incidents in 2002 and Modi?…does the state has no right to move on and try to develop its tourism?…

  2. bksingh2009 says:

    Am amused by the way you try to plug in your hatred towards Bachchan Sr. Its okay to criticize him for his performance but what he does with his personal life is purely his and only his business. And what’s so wrong with being a brand ambassador of Gujarat?? And even if he is endorsing Modi, what’s wrong with it. I too am a fan of Modi for his administrative skills. I have stayed for more than a month in Gujarat and have seen how well the public services are. Definitely, the best in the country and credit should go to Modi for it. And regarding the genocide, I am not blindly going to accept the tirade of the media. Try him in courts and not in Media. Its a different matter though, that in India no politician can ever be tried in court. But why blame Bachchan for the ineffectiveness of our judiciary.
    On one hand you criticize Bachchan Sr. for being politically correct, and on the other when he does take a political stand you criticize him for not taking the stand you want him to take. Its like Chitt main jeeta, patt tu haara. Reminds me of this from TDK – “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain”

  3. pushpesh pandya says:

    Absolutely right. Narendrabhai Modi is having vision to develop Gujarat and to see the people of gujarat leave in peace and prosperity. He is using all possible avenues for the batterment of Gujarat. He is not only best Chief Minister but also very humble human being

  4. bksingh2009 says:

    Going by the logic that you associate Bachchan Sr with, why do you shy short of criticizing AR Rahman for being associated with something as corrupt as Common Wealth Games. Isn’t CWG all about making wealth for Kalmadi and his associates. And dont tell me that India needs this spectale. If you want to invest in sports, invest in actual infrastrcuture and development rather than some kind of grand spectale called CWG. Is your Fight Club also about targeting people you dont like and ignoring equivalent deeds of people you like. Would like to see what these so called social activists have to say about association of Rahman with CWG. I hope you dont believe in the same philosophy as some Mr Roy, that CWG is about National Pride. There is no pride in being corrupt

  5. ashwini says:

    I like your blog but I suppose you lose all objectivity when it comes to Bachchan. It’s ok to be biased, I mean we all are about or against something or the other. But you classify UP and Gujarat as a terror state, that is stretching it a bit too far. If you apply similar yardsticks, it wouldn’t be unfair to dub India itself as one. With more than 300 of the 616 constituencies suffering from Naxalism; added with other forms of ubiquitous social evils like terrorism, poverty, crime etc, I guess someone like Aamir Khan should stop promoting India as well.

  6. mahesh desai says:

    congrates for ‘khushbu’.
    may i draw your kind attention to recent advertisement “gujarat khushbu”—
    in one shot respected actor Amitabh Bhachchan is shown trying with his camera ( with camera lens kept covered/closed) to take glimpse of Vanraj .
    if that is so, please do the needful.
    dr.mahesh k.desai-surat
    0261 2258311

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