WTF : Himeshbhai goes international! ( A * Is Killed)

Posted: March 12, 2011 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, bollywood, cast & crew, film, first look, News, Trailer, video, WTF
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For a moment, we felt that one star is missing in the title and it’s A** Is Killed. But naah, Himesbhai is just a *.

According to TaranBhai’s report, “Himesh was selected by the makers as they felt he suited the part of Sidharth Patel, who is supposed to be an Indian musician absolutely mesmerized by a superstar who is killed under mysterious circumstances. How the truth behind the superstar’s murder unfolds forms the crux of the story.”

And HimeshBhai also claims that “I am the only Indian actor in the film.”

( PS – We need LOL tags soon. For this post, will use the Bolly jokes tag. )

  1. extremist says:

    trailer looks like they are talking about MJ :). or is this a cryptic message Himesh is sending to Bolly fellas about how they killed his acting career and thereby a *.

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