Gangs Of Wasseypur – Two songs + Lyrics of six (जिया हो बिहार के लाला + हंटर + इक बगल + कह के लूँगा + ओ वुमनिया + हमनी के छोरी के)

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Two song promos of Gangs Of Wasseypur are already out. One is in Bhojpuri and the other is Chutney (Bhojpuri meets calypso) from Caribbean islands. If you have already heard the songs and are playing it in loop but can’t figure out the lyrics, we are going to help you. For those who haven’t heard the songs, do check it out. The embedded links have the full songs, not really the best audio quality but you can manage. And if you like, do  buy the CD. You will not be disappointed. Bet!

Here’s a small intro to both the songs by lyricist Varun Grover, the audio links and the lyrics. If you haven’t seen yet, Jiya Ho Bihar ke lala song promo is here.

1. Jiya Ho – Introduction + Song + Lyrics

For this, Sneha traveled to the interiors of Bihar. It took her an entire month (and then few trips more) to cover all the major districts and languages. (Bhojpuri, Maithili, Chhota Nagpuri, Angika and more) She wanted to just explore the sounds and singing traditions of Bihar. The opening groove and words ‘Jiya ho bihar ke lala, jiya tu hajaar saala, tani naachi ke tani gaayi ke, tani naachi-gaayi sabke mann behlaawa re bhaiyya‘ was found in an all-night nautanki muqaabla in a village near Gaya District. The lines were being sung as a warm-up exercise for singers (around 20 of them in chorus) and instrumentalists.

Sneha improvised on the tune and extended the groove to make a complete song. The search for singer went on for long, and many options crossed our mind. But once the position of the song in the film was finalized, it had to be somebody with genuine roots and skills. It may sound strange, but Manoj Tiwari is the least experimental voice we have tried in the entire album. Yes, every other singer is either a new one, or a folk singer not many know of outside his/her district.

There’s a non-stop 20-minute plus take of Manoj Tiwari for this song. While recording he closed his eyes, went into a musical zone, and sang it like a sufi-possessed. May be it will be released online someday soon.

Music – Sneha Khanwalkar. Lyrics: Varun Grover (mukhda from traditional/folk). Singer – Manoj Tiwari

Jiya ho bihar…

Jiya ho bihar ke laal,

jiya tu hajaar saal,

Jiya ae bihar ke laal,

jiya tu hajaar saal,

Jiya ae bihar ke laal,

Jiya ae bihaar ke laal

jiya tu hajaar saal,

jiya tu hajaar saal,

jiyo tu hajaar…

Tani naachi ke,

tani gaayi ke,

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…





Antara 1

Tu maati ka laal re laala,


Tohra magahi saan niraala,


Tere purkhey jiye andhera,

aur tuney jana ujaala…

Tere purkhey jiye andhera,

aur tuney jana ujaala…




Tere god pakhaarey ganga,

tere tej se aag jhulasta,

Tere kandhey chadh ke sooraj,

aakas mein roj pahunchta…

Jiyaa tu honhaaaaaaar….

Tani ghoom-ghaam ke, tani dhoomdhaam se…

Tani ghoom-ghaam ke, tani dhoomdhaam se…

Tani taan kheench ke, taansen, kehlaawa re bhaiyya….

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…

Tani zor laga ke, sabko saath nachwa re bhaiyya……

Tani neeke-neeke bol pe geet sunaava re bhaiyya…

Tani teekhe-teekhe bol pe dhol bajaawa re bhaiyya…

Tani jhaal utha ke, taal se taal milaava re bhaiyya…

Tani dholak, maandar, matka, chammach, laava re bhaiyya…

Tani oka-boka-teen-tadoka…

Tani chandan-maati-chauka-kaathi…

Tani oka-boka-teen-tadoka gaava re bhaiyya..

Tani chandan-maati-chauka-kaathi laava re bhaiyya…

Tani saans fula ke phoonk se dhool udaava re bhaiyya,

Tani jaan jala ke geet ke tel pilaava re bhaiyya…

The second song which has just been released is the hilarious I am a Hunter. The song promo is here.
2. Hunter: Introduction + Song + Lyrics
Sneha went to Trinidad-Tobago to find some tunes. Migrants from UP,Bihar,Bengal moved to Caribbean islands in pre-Independence times. They settled there, mixed with local races and cultures, and gave birth to a new music called ‘Chutney’ (which is basically Bhojpuri-folk meets calypso). They sometimes use words, instruments, and folk-tunes we thought were lost forever. Of course these tunes have now fused and evolved with calypso very much.

‘Hunter’ is one such find, originally written in English by Vedesh Sukoo (who has sung it too with that trademark Bihari-lilt and curled-tongue ‘o’ sound beneath every word). The Hindi lines are sung by Rajneesh, Shyamoo, and Munna, all part of Nirman Kala Manch (NKM), a well-known theatre group in Patna. Interestingly, one of NKM’s most famous plays is called ‘Bidesiya’, a term used for migrants that never return to their origins. In this case, Rajneesh-Shyamoo-Munna’s co-singer Vedesh Sukoo.

(Migrants who go out for a long time and do return are called ‘Pardesiya‘ and those who go for a short-term, like once every year to the city, probably to sell goods/grains, are called ‘Batohiya’. Hindi film songs have used these terms loosely over the years but while researching for this film, we came to know how technically specific these are.)

Music Director – Sneha Khanwalkar, Lyrics – Vedesh Sukoo (English), Varun Grover (Hindi). Singer : Rajneesh, Shyamoo, Munna, Vedesh Sukoo.

Haillloo… Hello… Hello

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun

When I pull it out boy the woman start to run]à (2)

She beg me to see it, she beg me to show it

But when I reveal it, she want to run and hideà (2)

Ooooo… ooooo … Oooo..

Put on your hunting clothes, let we go and hunt

Please don’t be embarrassed, you could touch it if you want.

All them young one around here, ask them about me.

I am the baddest gunman that they ever see

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun

Hum hai sikari, sikari sikari

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun

When I pull it out, the woman start to run

Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan.. Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan.. (2)

Daily goli nikle, automatic, tan-tan… (2)

With one gun in my hand and the next one around my waist

If you see this young girl with da rude look on she face

I say as a hunter, I must be brave and strong

She say that she find that my gun extremely long

Hum hain sikaari, paacket mein lambi gun,

Dhaayein se jo chhootey tan man howey magan..

Oooooo.. ooooo.. oooo..

This girl harasses me, she won’t leave me alone.

But that kinda behavior I really can’t condone

Hai bahut Bhokali, na kabhi ho khali – (2)

This girl harasses me, she won’t leave me alone.

But that kinda behavior I really can’t condone

She says that she’s sorry, she just want to have fun.

Then she asks me kindly, if she can hold my gun

I am a hunter and she want to see my gunWhen I pull it out boy the woman start to run ]—(2)

Door tak hai phamous, kar de sab ke bebas—(2)

Usko milta darsan, jisko man mein hai lagan—(2)

Laagi lagan laagi lagan… Laagi lagan laagi lagan…

3. Ik Bagal – Lyrics

UPDATE : Thanks to GhantaGuy, now we have got the lyrics of the haunting song Ek bagal also.

इक बगल में चाँद होगा, इक बगल में रोटियां,
इक बगल में नींद होगी, इक बगल में लोरियां,
हम चाँद पे रोटी की चादर डालकर सो जायेंगे,
और नींद से कह देंगे लोरी कल सुनाने आयेंगे.

इक बगल में खनखनाती सीपियाँ हो जाएँगी,
इक बगल में कुछ रुलाती सिसकियाँ हो जाएँगी,
हम सीपियों में भरके सारे तारे छूके आयेंगे,
और सिसकियों को गुदगुदी कर कर के यूँ बहलाएँगे.

अब न तेरी सिसकियों पे कोई रोने आएगा,
गम न कर जो आएगा वो फिर कभी न जायेगा,
याद रख पर कोई अनहोनी नहीं तू लाएगी,
लाएगी तो फिर कहानी और कुछ हो जाएगी.

होनी और अनहोनी की परवाह किसे है मेरी जान,
हद से ज्यादा ये ही होगा कि यहीं मर जायेंगे,
हम मौत को सपना बता कर उठ खड़े होंगे यहीं,
और होनी को ठेंगा दिखाकर खिलखिलाते जायेंगे,
और होनी को ठेंगा दिखाकर खिलखिलाते जायेंगे.

– पियूष मिश्रा

4. Keh ke loonga – Lyrics

Here’s the lyrics of the terrific Keh ke lunga. Sung by Sneha Khanwalkar and Amit Trivedi.

Ras bheege saude ka ye, khooni anjam….teri keh ke loonga

Teri keh ke loonga (2)

Khanjar se doodh gire yaan, ho katle aam…teri keh ke loonga

Teri keh ke loonga (2)

Saason ko saanp sunghan ke, jangli til chatta la ke, keh ke loonga

Teri keh ke loonga.

Bichu se hoth katta ke, lori jahreeli gaa ke….keh ke looonga.

Keh ke loonga, keh ke loonga, keh ke loonga.

Panghat ko bechunga main, mar mar ghat ke daam..teri keh ke loonga

Khuli ho sadke, tambu thane chahe mil vil ho ya baaz mekhkama, mekhamaa aaaa

Jisme bachna ho bach le, yee,

jisme bachna ho bach le, bach meri jaan… teri keh ke loonga (2)

Ja tu ja ja tu ja dariya naddi sagar beech pe jhariya,

aa taal mein ghus jaa. aa ghus jaa,

Jisme ghusna ho ghus le, Jisme ghusna ho ghus le,

Jisme ghusna ho ghus le, ghus meri jaan teri keh ke loonga

teri keh ke loonga….loonga….loonga….loonga.

5. O WomaniyaLyrics


तारै जो बबूना….तरती बबुनिया…

बबूना के हत्थे न चरति बबुनिया…


ओ वुमनिया…

मांगे जो बबुना, प्रेम निसनिया…

बोले जो ठोड़ी, कटीहो कनिया….

बदले रुपय्या के देना चवनीया…

सईयाँ जी झपटे तो होना हिरनिया…



रह रह के मांगे चोली बटनीया..

जी में लुकाये लोट-लटनिया…

चाहे मुहझौंसा जब हाथ सिकनिया,

कंधा में देना, दाँत भुकनिया


बोलेगा बबुना, चल जैहो पटना,

पटना बहाने, वो चाहेगा सटना…

दैहो ना पहुना को टिकट कटनिया…

पटना ना जाना चाहे जाना सिवनिया…


बबुना को उठी हो जो घोर भभक्का…

हाथ पकड़ ले तो मारी हो धक्का…

मन में निरहुआ के छुआ-छुअनिया….

ललना की लीला नाहीं पड़ना ललनिया…
6. Humne ke choree ke – Lyrics + Translation
Humni ke chhori ke nagariya ae baba…Ki arre baba chhori dihala ghar-parivaar kahun banwa maayi gayili ho…Leaving my town, dear father,

Leaving the family behind, to which wilderness mother has gone…

Ki aaho baba soooni kayi ke gharwa-duvaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho,

Pushing the home into loneliness, to which wilderness mother has gone…

Gaunwaan ke logawa, kehu…kehu se na bolein..

Chhotaka laikawaa, bhora-hi se aankh nahin kholey..

He isn’t talking to anybody in the village,

The small boy isn’t even opening his eyes since morning…

Sunsaan bhaiyili dagariya ae baba…

Ki arre baba nimiya ho gayil patjhaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho..

The roads are all deserted,

And the Neem tree has shed its leaves, to which wilderness mother has gone…

Kaisa-hoo ae baba, humaraa maayi se milaa da

Saparo tajaa ke humro araj sunaa da…

Do whatever, but let me meet the mother once..

Anyhow convey my message to her…dear father…

Chhutka ke chhote-ba umiriya re baba..

The small boy has a small life, father…

Ki arre baba, pari lin hum pauwwaan tohaar kawan banwa maayi gayi li ho..

I fall at your feet tell me, to which wilderness mother has gone…

Ki aaho baba soooni kayi ke anganwa-duvaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho,

Pushing the home into loneliness, to which wilderness mother has gone…

  1. @Rohwit says:

    Hunter has in it to become one of the most talked about songs of the year. Easily. superb!

  2. Mohit says:

    kadakkkk… hai ye hunter kin GUN

  3. Thanks for sharing, mazaa aa gaya!!!!!

  4. thepuccacritic says:

    Thanks a zillion for sharing this! Speechless stuff.. bas aankh bandh kar k sunte raho.. aur apne andar bhaukal si machane do inn geeton ko.. Bows down to Snehaji, Varun saab. RESPECT!

  5. awesome newness in songs…loving them in a loop… i reallly hope there is a song by Mrs. Sharda Sinha in the movie. she is the real authentic voice and singer of bihar and with sneha khanwalkar , it would be MAGIC….

    • Anurag Kashyap says:

      there is a sharda sinha /sneha song in part 2. again written by Varun..

      • Shatrughan says:

        Sharda Sinha is still most famous voice for Chhat puja, Thanks ki RajShri waalo ke siway unko kisi ne hindi movies me gaane ka chance diya…Hats off to Sneha

      • Shekhar says:

        Which song has been sung by Sharda Sinha?

  6. skr says:

    Ghazab hai re……Dhamaal………..

  7. Shekhar says:

    Superb music! But somehow there’s something quintessential missing in the lyrics. its not an authentic Bhojpuri/Bihari lyrics. Bihar ke lala has got a decent mukhda but the antara is a hotch-potch. The lyricist doesn’t seem to have his roots from Bihar.

    Ham hayi Bihari, jivan me hamre rang,
    gaayi aisan gaana, tan man ho jaaye magan!!

    Ham hayi Bihari, maza kaati ham pura,
    man me ba iccha, uda di ham dhura!

    • Anurag Kashyap says:

      Yaar. sekhar..lyricist hamarey jitney badey linguist hain, aur jo boltey hain shayad koi na boley.. film mein bhi theth bihari nahi boli gayi hai, bhojpuri boli gayi, cinema ka itna thoda sa limitation hai hai woh bolo jo sab ko samajh aaye.. baaki aapne jo lyrics likhey hain, usmein siwaye tukbandi ke aur kuchch nahi hain..

      baaki aap mahaan hain..

      • Shekhar says:

        Anurag bhai, I am totally with you on the tukbandi bit! Parantu ham tou lyricist hain nahi tou tukbandi hi krenge.Naahi ham judge kar rahe hain aapke lyricist ko. Par bhojpuri vaasi hone ke naate bas itna samajh pa rahe hain ki ye puri tarah se bhojpuri hai nahi. I appreciate the research that has gone into the lyrics. I commend the lyricist having come up with something like

        “Tani oka-boka-teen-tadoka…
        Tani chandan-maati-chauka-kaathi…”

        Par ye hai purely research. Aur ish gane me iska aana hi darshata hai ki ye kisi aise vyakti dwara likha gaya hai jiski khud ki bol chal ki bhasha Bhojpuri (or for that matter any Bihari dialect) nahi hai.
        Waise jo aaj tak hua nahi wo ho raha hai, tou apaar khushi hai. Bas iccha thi ki ek gaana rahta pura bhojpuria rang me tou maza aa jata.

        • thedailytamasha says:

          Shekhar saab, baat sahi kahi aapne ki 1. Lyrics writer Bihar se nahin hai. Aur 2. Ki gaana aur authentic-lingo mein ho sakta tha. Lekin 1 aur 2 ko jo jod diya, wahaan main sehmat nahin.

          Gaana shudhh Bhojpuri mein nahin hai kyonki shudhh-Bhojpuri mein nahin rakhna tha. Uss hadd tak rakhna tha jahaan non-Bhojpuri bhi isko samajh lein aur appreciate karein. Khidki kholni thi Bhojpuri lingo aur music ki taraf, poora makaan nahin banaana tha.

          Aur film mein full-bhojpuriya rang mein ek se adhik gaane hain..intezaar kijiye. Bas yeh waala nahin hai.

          • Shekhar says:

            Mere dost, ab aapse tabhi wartalaap hogi jab baaki ke gaane aa jayenge! Halaaki aapke lyrics ki vivechna ke upraant kuch hai tou zarur kahne ko par ab tabhi bolenge jab saare gaane aa jayenge.

            Umeed karte hain ki aapne kuch sabdha tou zarur aise diye honge jinse Anuraag bhai ka daawa ki jo aap bolte hain shyad koi na bole satya saabit ho!

            • @Rohwit says:

              जबरदस्ती का हिंदी typed in english. bas.

              • Shekhar says:

                Mere chuhar bhai bahut bade critique ho ka?!?! Hindi ka gyaan hai ki khali faltu me albala rahe ho!!??! Isme jabardasti ka hindi kya hai bhai!?? Tumre jaisa dheera aadmiye sab ke karan saala desh me Hindi ka gat gir gaya hoon! Naam badal ke chuhar rakh lo! 🙂

                • @Rohwit says:

                  हम तुमको चीन गए बाबू ओर इसीलिए जवाब नहीं देंगे. 🙂 जाओ मुंह धोकर काम करो. शायद कुछ नाम कम लो 🙂

                  • Shekhar says:

                    Bhaut sahi jawan! Jaldiye chinh gaye! Mere bhai hindi me type karne me kasta hai isliye angrezi me type kiye. Par tum pura dharphara ke jaan bhuj ke unglee kar rahe ho.

      • kamal kant says:

        anurag ji, agar ap lyrics ko achhe se samjh sakte hote, to apko pata chalta ki kitni gahrai hai in geeto me….afsos ye hai ki , bhojpuri geet ko hindi translate karne se gaane ke goodh arth translate nahi hote….aur meri samjh me ajkal ke bollywood geeton me aise geet bahut kam likhe jaate hain,,..jab apne tukbandi shabd likha, isse pata chalta hai ki ap bhojpuri shabdo ke prayog me naye hain

    • actually there are 3-4 songs in this film which are pure bhojpuri
      1. hamani ke chodi ke (my favorite one, believe me this kind of song in bhojpuri was never composed in bhojpuri music in recent time beside the very good effort of Ashutosh singh in bhojpuri film DESHAWA)

      2. Soona Kar Ke Gharwa – like the first it is also a good song. I cann’t remember any song in recent time except ‘alha ke bande’ which was composed without any music..i mean if in alha ke bande there was guitar here in both song 1,2,3 they hav used simply harmonium…vowww

      3. Bhaiyya – another gem..and ‘PURE’ also

  8. Neelabh says:

    I am in real awe of these two songs. When is the OST releasing? I promise i would buy this music. I am also expecting songs from Bharat Sharma Vyaas and probably Guddu Rangeela.
    Last time I heard Sharda Sinha in a commercial cinema was in Maine Pyaar Kiya and Manoj Tiwari in Shool, though he didnt have a song in OST.
    Anurag Kashyap aa Sneha Khanvalkar ekdum garda uda dele baate log.

  9. Shekhar says:

    I find it strange that you have not approved my earlier comment. There’s no point writing and publicising a blog if you cant respect varying viewpoints.

    • moifightclub says:

      Shekhar saab, thoda time toh de de aarop lagane ke pehle. Takes time to see all the comments stuck in spam and for approval. i/we approve all comments – positive/negative/any feedback as long as it’s not abusive.

  10. tejas says:

    Hunter is awesomely double-meaning song!! 😀

  11. Rahul Raj says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really mazedaar. Lyrics jawaan par chadh gaye hain. Bahut shandaar. The English song is a change in ‘grammar/style of normal conversation’

  12. Shatrughan says:

    Bawaal gaane…hunter is mindblowing…Love you guys for uploading them.

  13. SAdhu says:

    Ye “hunter” kyaa fuck all gaana hai ???

    Bihar ke lala is interesting..though.

  14. sumit says:

    Anurag Bhai
    I am a bihari through and through…born and brought up in the ethos.Regarding the “Hunter” song…Though i liked the english song which is brilliant I was disappointed by the mixing of it with bihari one liners.It is creating a very jarring effect.When u listen to it first time,u may be so much taken by the novelty of the song that u will not notice it…but listening to it again and again u will realize that by interspersing it with the goofy voice overs of the NKM artistes(done in a very bad way !) makes the song pretentious and takes away from the original merit of the brilliant english song.It degrades the song…and deep down I feel that Vedesh Sukoo will certainly not be very happy with this perverse intrusion.keep things simple and straight…dont force the song.
    “There’s a non-stop 20-minute plus take of Manoj Tiwari for this song. While recording he closed his eyes, went into a musical zone, and sang it like a sufi-possessed.”
    I hope not,but one gets a feeling reading this that in some way the writer is making fun of manoj Tiwari.I feel Tiwari’s voice has given an earthy genuineness to the song which I dont think any other singer could have given.frankly i liked the tune and the mood and the way the song is sung no doubt….but u guys have to call a spade a spade…the antara lyrics suck big has no rooted…bihari feel about it and conjures up some hackneyed, defiantly poetic images which have no soul in it at all.who is this guy grover?is he bihari?what r his credentials as a bihari folk song lyricist.shekhar ki lyrics mein kori tukbandi hai i accept lekin grover ki lyrics mein hackneyed poetic images ko conjure karne waali aur betuki word play waali tukbandi the way the music of both the songs are original.i being a man deeply connected to the music and folk tradition of bihar can venture to write lyrics for it…which i hope will be more representative of bihari ethos and will retain the quirkygoofyness and maar dhaar which the director wants in the lyrics.Though not withstanding the brilliant movies ak makes and the brilliant music his films generally have….good lyrics have sadly been wanting in Aks movies.
    Best of luck

    • @Rohwit says:

      Sir i am always looking for music. Any music. Since you are so deeply connected with music, I would love to listen to whatever you have worked on. ilteja hai…maan lijiyega agar maan paye to

      Also it wasn’t a spoof on Manoj tewari. Some of us were present when this was discussed and it was Manoj Tewari who brought this incident up. He went in trance.

      Shayad picture-wa mein aapko achcha lag jaye and then you might like the song.

      Baaki….aap mahaan hai hee 🙂

  15. harkati says:

    एक समय सिनेमा ने ‘गाँव’ बेचे
    फिर से ज्यादातरों ने अस्सेम्ब्ली-लाइन बैठा दी, बहुतो ने १०-का-एक ५-के-२ तेवर में मौका समझ के बेचा
    पर यहाँ भी कुछ ईमानदारों [या शातिर दिमागों ने – जैसी आपकी राय] ने दिमाग लगाया
    और ग्रामीण भारत का नया / हकीकी चेहरा दिखाया

    इसके बाद ‘शहर’ आये , ‘स्वित्ज़रलैंड’ आया ‘गुंडाराज / underworld’ आया
    यहाँ भी लोगों ने थोक के भाव निर्माण किया
    पर कुछ लोगों ने यहाँ भी कुछ अच्छी फिल्मों पर पसीना बहाया

    पिछले कुछ सालों से देखता हूँ के लोग अब ‘blockbuster’ पर पिल पड़े हैं
    फिल्म देखने के नाम पर प्रताड़ना मिलती आई है
    इंतज़ार था के यहाँ भी कोई आकर कुछ उखाड़े
    ये ट्रेलर देखा तो लगा के उखड़ेगा


  16. sumit says:

    hamra postva publish nahi kareeyega kya sir?aise kahe zulm kar rahe hain.?

  17. fulltoofilmy says:

    It is often said that Mr. Anurag Kashyap is the best film school in India then I would say that moifightclub it the best reference book.

  18. thank god somebody cam up with a goood hummmaable double entendre song in mainstream…. otherwise ye guddu rangeela ne to gandh macha rakhi thi….

  19. sumit says:

    i love u priyanka pushp.i have loved you from the 1st day i saw u in class ninth.i still remember the date…29th april 1999…..its been so many fucking yrs.i ran after u for 7 yrs..but u didnt accept me.i heard this fucker anurag kashyap was in love with a girl too….that girl didnt love him..she married…arjun rampal…thats why there is no chance of them wrking together…but no…i m digressing….. priyanka…..i still love yu…after so many yrs,,,,

  20. ajeet shukla says:

    जिउ जिउ झरेलिया ….गर्दा मचा दिहलस

  21. Davinder says:

    hunter is really a funny song

  22. @Rohwit says:

    छोटा मुंह बड़ी बात लेकिन कुछ लोग कमेन्ट कम अपनी बेबसी की नुमाइश ज्यादा करते हैं.

    भगवन उनको तरक्की दो so that they can divert their negative energies and start looking at things in absolute terms and not correlate them with out of context issues in a bid to display their ‘inherent and deep’ knowledge on the subject.

  23. DLPR says:

    I really really hope that movie comes with subs at least down south. I had difficulty with Gulaal. Hope Ak and producers consider our request.

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  25. Rohan says:

    I think “Keh k lunga” is sung my amit trivedi n not piyush mishra…Mishrajie ki awaz to me to alag hi jadu hai bhai

  26. in Keh ke lunga lyrics above….”aa taal” mein ghus jaa. aa ghus jaa,…..its paataal….not aa taal

  27. Nimit Jain says:

    I found “Hunter” song’s tune similar to “Naani teri morani ko mor le gaye” from Masoom (1960) with increased tempo.

  28. shekhar says:

    manoj tiwari ji chaa gayeee delhi me bhi……..puri tareh se……manoj tiwari rocks……

  29. Thank you so much for these… Gaunwaan ke logawa, kehu…kehu se na bolein translates to “People of village are not talking to each other” and not “He’s not talking to anybody….”

  30. When was the last time complete OSTs of a film or an album fought hard with each other to be the best of the all. Delhi Belly? No, Udaan to an extent. Dev D I guess or RDB (though film sucked in the end). Well, we have Gangs of Wasseypur now. O Womaniya, Hunter, Jiya Ho, Loonga Loonga – cheeky fun; Humni Ke Chhodi and Soona Kar Ke – as rustic as it can be; Aey Jawanon and Bhaiyya – our answer to Trance;

    Every time there is a lump in the throat when one listens to ‘Humni Ke Chhodi Ke’ …

  31. prashant says:

    This is the best in looong loong time….Not just me but my friends are all hooked to it… daroo party is complete without Hunter song..I especially like the one liners in Hindi in this song….adds genuine Bihari rusticness to the song… it…hope it releases in Austin !

  32. […] earlier post  had some of the song lyrics but without angreji […]

  33. Riteshkumar says:

    humani ke chhodi ke nagariya ee baba ……great song

  34. om prakash patel [ lyrics writer ] says:

    nice lyrics

  35. Nituja Singh says:

    perfect direction ! perfect Acting ! contextual lyrics ! uniq tune ! sweat songs ! completly perfect performances !!!!!!!!!…………

  36. Virendra says:

    Ek bagal me chand hog is the lyrics I like most kuch baat hai ki hasti mithi nai hamari… aam adme ke choti se kwahish hai ye…. G8 Work

  37. Pankaj Giri says:

    Just Wow!… First Time i have seen this blog… Thanks admin to share lots of information about that movie here, also I was searching in Google for the specific song “Humni ke chhori ke nagariya ae baba” then I found that on first page of…. May I get this song only in MP3 format?

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