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Pakhi & Abbas TyrewalaHis debut feature Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na went on to become big hit. We thought it was strictly ok, serving the bollywood’s oldest  cliche ek ladka aur ladki dost nahi ho sakte hai kya! But then, when you cater to U-25 with popcorn and cola flick, High School Whimsical is also superhit.

Abbas Tyrewala was well known writer before he turned to direction. Ashoka (D), Maqbool, Chupke Se, Munnabhai MBBS (D), Main Hoon Na (S&D), Salaam Namaste (D), Shikhar and De Taali. And now he is busy directing 1-800-Love, written by his wife Pakhi who also stars in it, opposite John Abraham. If the gossipmongers at Producer Madhu Mantena’s office are to believed, Tyrewala has been paid Rs 5 crore as direction fees for the film! woohoo!

Post JTYJN, Tyrewala is flying quite high. If you thought Farah and her brother Sajid Khan are loudmouths, you need to attend a session of Tyrewala Talks! Gyaan-guru, who has solutions for everything. And now to help Tyrewala, Pakhi’s full family is involved in the making of the film. Her mother, who is a drama teacher, is coaching John Abraham for getting the dialogues right. Knowing Abraham’s acting talent, we surely reccomend few more teachers. Also, Pakhi’s brother has come onboard. Not sure, in which capacity.

Producer Mantena ia making sure that every demand of the director, his dear biwi and his biwi‘s family is met!

PS – We are yet to confirm this. Have heard that 1-800-Love is not Pakhi’s big screen debut. She was in Hansal Mehta’s film Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai. If anyone can confirm it, as we haven’t seen the film.

imran khanOur header has become too long. Because we could not prioritise which one is more important. We read the story of Sanjay Doom Gadhvi’s film 7 Days In Paris. We think Imran Khan should be worried about the choices he is making. And Katrina Kaif is out of the film. Since all three news bits are related, we have randomly put down our seven, ok, eight pointers. Join the dots and see if it makes sense.

1. Every director in bollywood wants to set a love story in Paris, every one wants to make their version of Before Sunrise & Before Sunset.  And Sanjay Gadhvi is NO Richard Linklater.

2. 7 Days in Paris ( Spoiler Alert) – its a love story set in Paris. Two strangers. Case of mistaken identity. They fall in love. First half is all walk the talk and talk while walking. 2nd half – mistaken identities revealed. Lovers tiff and finally a happy ending. And yeh, there is an important bad pasta scene in the film! In short, nothing new in the film and we surely aren’t looking forward to it!

3. Gadhvi has changed the script following Imran Khan’s suggestions. We have read the old version, not sure if it has been changed for good or bad. Imran Khan need not pretend smart. He needs to act smart. Check.

4. After the debacle of Kidnap, Imran Khan thinks love stories are the way to success. And he wants to do only love stories now! Dude, it cant be Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na every time. A bad film is a bad film, thriller or love story!Check again.

sanjay gadhvi5. Gadhvi is close to Vandana Malik, head of Studio18. Her daughter Avantika Malik is dating Imran. And Studio18 is producing the film. We doubt our mother-in-laws. We doubt those mom-in-laws more who can sign fat cheques. And a desperate mom-in-law who wants her daughter to get married to Imran Khan, is dangerous! Check check!

6. Those who have seen Imran Khan’s Luck, they think Luck makes Kidnap look like masterpiece. No comment. Check check!

7. And those who have read the full script of 7 Days In Paris, they are willing to bet that Gadhvi will make even Paris look boring! And are ROFL reading the pasta scene again and again.

Katrina-Kaif8. According to Mumbai Mirror, in the new script, Katrina Kaif’s role has been cut drastically. And so, she is not interested in doing the film anymore. You can read the full story here. We are not sure who has a better understanding of scripts – Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sanjay Doom Gadhvi, Vandana Malik or Studio18!

raghu ramIf anyone ever made a career out of shouting, screaming, and abusing others, its MTV Roadies’ Raghu Ram! (even Rakhi Sawant score more, her skin show counts) And if someone ever got lucky by just being a twin brother, without any individual identity,  its Raghu’s twin Rajiv Laxman who was in the last season of MTV Roadies.

Now the news. According to Mid-day, Raghu Ram is soon going to make his big screen debut in Abbas Tyrewala’s 1-800-Love. Raghu plays John Abraham’s freind in the film and is paired opposite Manasi Scott.

For those of who dont know, Raghu is married to Sugandha Garg (see pic) who was in Abbas’ directorial debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Woohoo….biwi in Abbas’ film and hubby in Abbas’ biwi film! 1-800-Love is written by Pakhi, Abbas’ wife and she also plays the lead opposite John. Too much of hubby-wifeys!

BTW, here is the dope on 1-800-Love. Abbas Tyrewala is writing the 29th drfat of the script!  Thats Ripley’s Believe it or not guys!