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imran khanDhoom doom doom! Dil bole doom doom doom. Yes, we belong to the IB Club for sure, otherwise how do you explain the fact that when a film gets shelved, we are feeling happy about it. Sickos! But, its Sanjay Gadhvi! Sanjay Doom Gadhvi! The man is nice but when there are million other jobs to keep yourself busy, why make films ?

Sanjay Gadhvi was planning a new film – 7 Days in Paris with Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif. We first wrote about it here and till date, its one of our popular posts. And if gossipmongers are to be believed Gadhvi’s film is now shelved! And the big reason is Madam Mahalingam of Studio18! Who ? Vandana Malik, the to-be-ma-in-law of Imran Khan. It seems Sanjay had  big fight with Madam because he has been wasting Imran’s dates as he could not manage any heroine after Katrina walked out if it. And the big fight turned into bigger fight and the green light was quickly turned into red.

Poor Imran! He got nothing to do. Once a week, he keeps himself busy by writing a column for Hindustan Times. Rest six days, he reads and reads and reads scripts. Only when his girlfrind Avantika Malik recommends any script, he decides to do it. Like Kidnap, Luck!  She picked those two scripts.

BTW, he finally has found the great romantic script that he was desperately looking for – Karan Johar’s production I Hate Luv Stories! Puneet Malhotra will direct it and Sonam Kapoor will co-star in it. We read the synopsis, could not find anything great in it except the name K Jo attached to it.

Well, you know your luck is fuck when your ma-in-law and you are in the same business. And you know your luck can never get a better fuck when your ma-in-law is dumbo too! Lord save the son-in-laws!

Katrina-KaifIts because of Aditya Chopra. The new mentor of Katrina Kaif.

It seems Katrina Kaif called up Aditya Chopra to get his feedback on the script of her new film 7 Days In Paris. As Salman Khan can’t do that one thing. He can surely call up his freinds and ask them to sign her. But he can’t make her quit a film unless she is doing a film opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

She had already signed the film and given a green signal to Sanjay Doom Gadhvi. Aditya Chopra read the script and realised that its a wrong film for Katrina. Because the first half of the film is all about walk the talk & talk the walk. Loaded with heavy dialogues. And so it will be much difficult for Katrina to carry such a role. The first half is much like Before Sunrise & Before Sunset.

Aditya Chopra told her to leave it or she might get really exposed. She is and should remain as Barbie Doll. The dialogue bit should happen haule haule…haule haule like love happened in Suriji’s life in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.  Katrina understood the situation and backed out of the film just a few days before the shoot.

Sanjay Gadhvi immediately tried his luck with Priyanka Chopra, who asked for Rs 5 cr. It was a straight NO. Kareena Kapoor and Asin were also approached but they said a polite no. Now it seems Genelia D’Souza has been signed to play the lead oppposite Imran Khan. The Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na pair is back again!

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imran khanOur header has become too long. Because we could not prioritise which one is more important. We read the story of Sanjay Doom Gadhvi’s film 7 Days In Paris. We think Imran Khan should be worried about the choices he is making. And Katrina Kaif is out of the film. Since all three news bits are related, we have randomly put down our seven, ok, eight pointers. Join the dots and see if it makes sense.

1. Every director in bollywood wants to set a love story in Paris, every one wants to make their version of Before Sunrise & Before Sunset.  And Sanjay Gadhvi is NO Richard Linklater.

2. 7 Days in Paris ( Spoiler Alert) – its a love story set in Paris. Two strangers. Case of mistaken identity. They fall in love. First half is all walk the talk and talk while walking. 2nd half – mistaken identities revealed. Lovers tiff and finally a happy ending. And yeh, there is an important bad pasta scene in the film! In short, nothing new in the film and we surely aren’t looking forward to it!

3. Gadhvi has changed the script following Imran Khan’s suggestions. We have read the old version, not sure if it has been changed for good or bad. Imran Khan need not pretend smart. He needs to act smart. Check.

4. After the debacle of Kidnap, Imran Khan thinks love stories are the way to success. And he wants to do only love stories now! Dude, it cant be Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na every time. A bad film is a bad film, thriller or love story!Check again.

sanjay gadhvi5. Gadhvi is close to Vandana Malik, head of Studio18. Her daughter Avantika Malik is dating Imran. And Studio18 is producing the film. We doubt our mother-in-laws. We doubt those mom-in-laws more who can sign fat cheques. And a desperate mom-in-law who wants her daughter to get married to Imran Khan, is dangerous! Check check!

6. Those who have seen Imran Khan’s Luck, they think Luck makes Kidnap look like masterpiece. No comment. Check check!

7. And those who have read the full script of 7 Days In Paris, they are willing to bet that Gadhvi will make even Paris look boring! And are ROFL reading the pasta scene again and again.

Katrina-Kaif8. According to Mumbai Mirror, in the new script, Katrina Kaif’s role has been cut drastically. And so, she is not interested in doing the film anymore. You can read the full story here. We are not sure who has a better understanding of scripts – Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sanjay Doom Gadhvi, Vandana Malik or Studio18!

7 Days in Paris – Thats the title of Sanjay Doom Gadhvi’s new film, according to indiafm. The film is produced by Studio18, the same guys who released Gadhvi’s last shitbuster Kidnap. BTW, if you are still clueless about Imran and Studio18’s connection, let us inform you that Imran’s girlfreind Avantika Malik is the daughter of Studi018 boss Vandana Malik. Thats simple calculation, isnt it!

Here is more on the film from the site

Sanjay plans to begin filming in June-end/July, “because I want to capture the summer in Europe,” he reveals, “It’s a uniquely structured script, but I can’t reveal much at this stage.” Sanjay plans to wrap almost 85% of the film in Paris, while the remaining portions will be filmed in London and Mumbai.

Dibakar Banerjee is going big after Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.  Two films which we absolutely love. Well, the buzz is that Dibakar got great casting this time. Abhay Deol and Imran Khan. Yes, the new age heroes prefer those directors who have a new story to say and not the Kunal Kohlis of the world. ( Btw, Kunal Kohli has been rejected by every possible actor, whoever he approached for his new film) Talks are on with Katrina Kaif for the female lead.

Dibakar was earlier planning a film based in pre-independence Bengal. Looks like thats not happening soon.

Update on Gadhvi’s next –  Doom director Sanjay Gadhvi has finally managed to convince Imran Khan for his next film.  Here is the real dope – Post Kidnap, Imran wasnt interested in working with Gadhvi anymore. But this doom Gadhvi knows where to pull the strings.  He is quite close to Studio 18 boss Vandana Malik, whose daughter Avantika Malik is Imran’s girlfreind. Now thats not difficult puzzle to solve.  Saansu-Ma ho to aisi ho!