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This friday there are two hindi releases. One is the biggie Chance Pe Dance directed by Ken Ghosh (Ishq Vishq, Fida) starring Shahid Kapoor and Genelia De Souza.

The other film is the indie The Waiting Room, produced by Sunil Doshi, directed by Maneej Premnath and starring Raj Singh Chaudhary (Gulaal). Lets see if Chance Pe Dance got any chance.

Anupama Chopra (NDTV) – It seems like both Genelia and Shahid are squeezing in as many expressions as they can into each scene to compensate for the lack of a coherent script. But all their energy cannot fire up this inherently dull film. Chance Pe Dance isn’t the hot weekend ticket you were waiting for – 2/5 

Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) – You also wish there was more energy in the sequences that fill in the spaces between the work-outs on the dance floor : the film gets lax too often. And the choreography could have been much more exciting to match an actor who is such a fleet-footed mover and shaker : the only one who’s perhaps a tad better is Hrithik Roshan. Kapoor needs a story with more depth, and direction – 2/5 

Raja Sen (Rediff) – There are a few warm touches and Kapoor occasionally manages to sparkle. But there are far better places for a showreel than in a movie theatre. It’s mostly harmless, and certainly harebrained. Leave it to the Shahid-obsessed – 1.5/5 

Rajeev Masand (CNN IBN) – Ken Ghosh borrows liberally from such Hollywood films as School of Rock and the Jessica Alba-starrer Honey. But with it’s theme of a struggling actor’s ultimate vindication, in the end I suppose Chance Pe Dance could be described as “Luck By Chance-For-Dummies”. Although it would be a crime to mention the two films in the same breath – 1/5

Gaurav Malani (ET) – Sadly, scripts are written for reality shows today but there is no real good scripting involved in feature films. So in times when dance talent-hunt shows on television promise more drama and entertainment, you find no good reason why to give this dance a chance – 2/5 

Nikhat Kazmi (TOI) – The film may not have the emotional quotient of Ishq Vishq, Shahid and Ken’s first film that set the box office on fire, yet it does have its moments. A better scripted, less cliched second half would have surely given the film a better chance to dazzle and shake – 3/5

Taran Adarsh(Indiafm) – Shahid makes a sincere effort and the honesty shows in a number of scenes. But let’s not forget that the best of actors cannot rise beyond a pitiable script. On the whole, this dance stands no chance – 1.5/5

Abhijit Mhamunkar (Buzz18) – There was much buzz in the media about the film being rewritten and re-shot after changing the original heroine, Jiah Khan – replaced by Genelia D’Souza. Also, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! writer Manu Rishi was roped in for additional dialogues and scriptwriting. But you wonder what changes the makers have made, because neither is the film entertaining nor presenting anything new – 1.5/5

Mayank Shekhar (HT) – Between those patchy, over-decorated music television tracks, the banal hero fails a courier boy’s job; sleeps in a car (when he could’ve moved in with his girl); joins a school to teach dance; enlists kids to win a competition; enlists himself to win a talent hunt… The show goes on, and so on, and so forth. As does the refrain: “Tu star ban sakta hai. Tu star ban gaya. Mein star banaunga….” (Whatever that means) – 1.5/5

It seems Ken Ghosh can go back to making music videos. Next is Chance Impossible! Will update with more reviews as soon as they are out.

And not a single review of The Waiting Room so far ? What happened to the indie supporters ?

Chance Pe DanceChance Pe Dance is the new film directed by Ken Ghosh (Fida, Ishq Vishq) and produced by UTV. It stars Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. The film was earlier titled Yahoo. Someone mailed us the story/plot/synopsis of the film, and since we never cared much about it anyway, we decided to read it, atleast once.

Chance Pe Dance is the story of a talented and passionate young struggling actor called Sameer. Positive and brimming with energy, Sameer juggles various jobs while working towards getting his big break in the industry. During his struggle he meets Tina who is a choreographer.

Just when Sameer is promised his big break, he is left without a house as he cannot pay his rent. Not one to lose heart Sam starts living in his rickety old car and starts teaching dance in a school to young kids who have never won any dance competition. He hates kids and the kids hate dancing.

The struggle in life continues as the director who was to launch Sameer now decides to choose his hero through a talent hunt. Sam is shattered but he diverts his focus towards the kids. Getting over his initial dislike of children, Sam not only emotionally bonds with them, but also helps them win a prestigious inter-school dance competition and gets their confidence back – aided by the spirited and beautiful Tina.

Tina urges Sameer to enter the reality hunt, with the love and support from Tina and the kids, Sameer emerges a winner and eventually becomes what he was destined to be, a superstar.

Huh…when will we grow up ? Since ages, we have been churning out High School Musicals. The only new addition is the reality show bit. And its in Chance Pe Dance too. Bhagwaan bachaaye!

Talking of musicals, check out this promo of Rob Marshall’s Nine if you havent seen it yet. And what a cast! Loved it! Now thats what you call a musical promo!


Here is the first look of Ken Ghosh’s new film Chance Pe Dance. It stars Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. Its produced by UTV.

Chance Pe Dance

Katrina-KaifIts because of Aditya Chopra. The new mentor of Katrina Kaif.

It seems Katrina Kaif called up Aditya Chopra to get his feedback on the script of her new film 7 Days In Paris. As Salman Khan can’t do that one thing. He can surely call up his freinds and ask them to sign her. But he can’t make her quit a film unless she is doing a film opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

She had already signed the film and given a green signal to Sanjay Doom Gadhvi. Aditya Chopra read the script and realised that its a wrong film for Katrina. Because the first half of the film is all about walk the talk & talk the walk. Loaded with heavy dialogues. And so it will be much difficult for Katrina to carry such a role. The first half is much like Before Sunrise & Before Sunset.

Aditya Chopra told her to leave it or she might get really exposed. She is and should remain as Barbie Doll. The dialogue bit should happen haule haule…haule haule like love happened in Suriji’s life in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.  Katrina understood the situation and backed out of the film just a few days before the shoot.

Sanjay Gadhvi immediately tried his luck with Priyanka Chopra, who asked for Rs 5 cr. It was a straight NO. Kareena Kapoor and Asin were also approached but they said a polite no. Now it seems Genelia D’Souza has been signed to play the lead oppposite Imran Khan. The Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na pair is back again!

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