Chance Pe Dance (film synopsis) – When will we grow up ?

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Chance Pe DanceChance Pe Dance is the new film directed by Ken Ghosh (Fida, Ishq Vishq) and produced by UTV. It stars Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. The film was earlier titled Yahoo. Someone mailed us the story/plot/synopsis of the film, and since we never cared much about it anyway, we decided to read it, atleast once.

Chance Pe Dance is the story of a talented and passionate young struggling actor called Sameer. Positive and brimming with energy, Sameer juggles various jobs while working towards getting his big break in the industry. During his struggle he meets Tina who is a choreographer.

Just when Sameer is promised his big break, he is left without a house as he cannot pay his rent. Not one to lose heart Sam starts living in his rickety old car and starts teaching dance in a school to young kids who have never won any dance competition. He hates kids and the kids hate dancing.

The struggle in life continues as the director who was to launch Sameer now decides to choose his hero through a talent hunt. Sam is shattered but he diverts his focus towards the kids. Getting over his initial dislike of children, Sam not only emotionally bonds with them, but also helps them win a prestigious inter-school dance competition and gets their confidence back – aided by the spirited and beautiful Tina.

Tina urges Sameer to enter the reality hunt, with the love and support from Tina and the kids, Sameer emerges a winner and eventually becomes what he was destined to be, a superstar.

Huh…when will we grow up ? Since ages, we have been churning out High School Musicals. The only new addition is the reality show bit. And its in Chance Pe Dance too. Bhagwaan bachaaye!

Talking of musicals, check out this promo of Rob Marshall’s Nine if you havent seen it yet. And what a cast! Loved it! Now thats what you call a musical promo!


  1. Manu Warrier says:

    Run of the mill plot,… I wonder if our actors have a creative urge … At least the actors can begin asking something new

  2. annupamaa says:

    absolutely but the cutenss of both genelia and shahid will carry it thru and make it refreshing since both are also good actors:)

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