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ram-gopal-varmaThe man knows it all. But you cant win all the games. His recent film Rann is on the politics of newsroom, the battle for eyeballs. And so, we thought that atleast Ramu would understand the way news channels work. They are not run by shitheads as he and his publicity smartasses might be thinking. Why ? Read on.

With the distorted version of Jann Gana Mann as Jana Gana Rann, Ramu and his coterie must have thought that they have cracked the next big idea for the publicity of the film. So even before the song got censor certificate, it was smartly handed over to the news channels to play, expecting the right buzz to happen. And thats how its available all over the net. When the intention is not so cool, the coolest idea also falls flat. Thats exactly what happened. With the IPL and election fever on, nobody bothered much about the jana gana rann song. No play, no eyeball, no buzz.

Next, as expected Censor Board didnt allow the song. Ramu was more than happy with the news. It was moving in the direction as it was planned. Rann’s publicity managers tried to convince the news editors to debate, dicuss and dissect the issue. Blame it on Varun and Rahul baba’s high election drama and fakeiplplayer’s entertaining posts…those were much more interesting. Deadend again.

Next, Ramu approached the court to get the song cleared. And as expected the Supreme Court slammed Ramu for distorting the national song. Here is more.

We always thought this was one dude who would never pretend to be holier-than-thou and try to show us the mirror because he always said that he looks dirty when he watches himself in the mirror. We expected Ramu to be the last man to give us gyaan on the state of the nation and blah blah. But then, for publicity people do strange things.

So What does Mr Amitabh Bachchan thinks about this publicity gimmick ? The man who is always ready to butcher the media. Or he has no clue.

And here goes our love letter to the man whom we love to hate or hate to love…

Dear Ramu,

After your horrible attempts like Sarkar Raj, Contract and Phoonk, we are not sure about others but we will be there.  Because we still think that you are the original inglorious bastard, one who can talk about the love for RIFLE so openly and without any guilt. Only few dare to do so. This is the real you or atleast thats your image. You are not jana gana rann. Dont give us lecture. And please dont pretend. Bollywood is anyway guided by too heavy morals. We dont want one more conscious citizen.

If for nothing else, we will watch Rann for the honest man who tried to fake it with Jann Gana Rann.


Rann’s Jana Gana Rann banned!

Posted: May 8, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, News
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Finally! Censor Board has banned the song of Ramu’s new film Rann. And it was bound to happen. Ramu knew it from the beginning. Actually they wanted it to happen desperately. Thats why even before getting the censor board certificate, the makers of the film gave out the song clips to every news channels to play it and get some free publicty.

Now it seems all their publicity plans have gone for a toss. Because with elections and IPL fever on television, Rann’s controversy didnt get much airtime. And if you still havent seen the song, take a look.