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Look what a Prince can do! He kicked us out of our cocoon! Many of you wrote to us wondering if we are dead or lost and what happened to the blog! No post since last two weeks! Thanks so much for the concern. Actually we got into Eir Bit Phatte mood. Eir was out for some family function and then went into the wild. Bir got a film to write. Yay! And Phatte quit her job and is in no mood to do anything. Blame it on mood swings! Ok, thats enough of our story. Lets go back to the Prince.

No, the Kingdom of Dreams doesnt belong to Salman Khan. Or the Bachchans who would love to kick Vivek Oberoi at any given time. Its a big multi-crore musical project and he was signed to play the lead. Click here to read more about the project.

But the actor known more for his Princegiri than his acting genes was giving a hard time to Wizcraft, organiser of the show. Complete nightmares! Finally they decided enough is enough and kicked him out of the show.

Also, the actor recently tweeted that his mentor Ram Gopal Varma saw his film Prince and congratulated him for his acting. But when we called up our spy at RGV Talkies, it seems he was LOL discussing the film, rolling his popped-out eyeballs and shaking his head violently! 

Though the film got good opening but to recover its budget of Rs 40cr seems like an impossible task. And if you wondering how can the budget of a Vivek Oberoi film be Rs 40crore, well, only because they shot and reshot and shot&reshotandshot&reshotandshot more! The action director decided that since nobody want to see Vivek Oberoi (thats true!) lets focus on the stunning stunts! So, everything went overbudget! Also, if a Riteish Deshmukh film (Read Jaane Kahan Kahan Se Aaya Hai) can cost Rs 20crore, then Vivek surely deserves its double.

PrinceWhat else do you expect if its a Vivek Oberoi film. Its got to be the ROFLOL title of the year! WTF is ITS  SHOWTIME! And Prince!! Kahan ka bhai ? Kidhar hai mere laal ? And if thats not enough, check out what the producer of the film Tips have been upto!

Here’s a video uploaded by the makers of the film that gives us audience reaction to the trailer/promo/first look of the film, and if they are going to watch the film or not, based on what they saw!

We are ROFLOL watching this video. Why ? Read on.

1. Who edited the video ? Why do we need to hear the invisible man’s voice some 50 times asking the same question – what do you think of the trailer ? Just once and it would have been perfectly fine. Then put all the answers together.Its simple.

2. Do check out the way the invisible man asks the second question, in authoritative voice – So, you are going to watch the film, for sure ?

He doesnt look for options. He doesnt ask the question – Are you going to watch the film ? He already knows the answer. He is just re-confirming it. And he adds “for sure” too.

3. And where is the promo ? What trailer have they seen that has impressed them so much! Except one, there is no more bad, or even not-so-good reaction.

4. Why is the voice so concerned about asking who the producer of the film is ? Brand recall ? We seriously doubt. Or is it because Tauranijis would sign the cheques and they would love to hear their names. And from what we know about them, they surely love their name and face on every possible place!

5. If its about making the right buzz by getting audience’s reaction, then check out how the Paranormal Activity guys used the test screening for their promo. The film made on 15,000$ has made close to 100 million$! As the rulebook says, show it, dont say it!

Yes, we are waking up to Hollywood’s mantra of test screenings and all that jazz. But its still what we want to hear. The last film which got fantabulous response at test screenings was Imran Khan’s Luck. And we all know the result. Well, we said and wrote much more just by reading the script. And even put out an open bet, its all here. So, Dear Mr Filmmaker, do mail us the script if you really want some honest feedback ? We are not in any entourage party!

Also, the problem is we dont get the right feedback from the viewers always as there is a sense of gratitude for making you the chosen one to have a sneak peek. There is always sugar coating as nobody wants to say it as it is. Much like what happens at a premiere of any film. Nobody hates the film, everyone congratulates the director and every member of the film is made to feel that its the best that they have done. Once out of the theatre, the smses starts.