Aishwarya Rai’s new pics and why we think its double standard!

Posted: June 20, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, News, pics
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We have never understood this. Aishwarya Rai’s dressing style. In India and outside India. Its completely extreme. As soon as she goes outside, the neckline goes low making sure that cleavage is clearly visible. But in India, she is dressed up from head to toe. Is it becuase of Papa & Momma Bachchan who doesnt approve of any bit of skin show! Atleast not when its Bahu Bachchan! We think so. Anyway, take a look at these pics of Aishwarya Rai. She recently attended the Royal Ascot 2009 in United Kingdom as Longines’ brand ambassador.

(click on the pics to have a better, bigger & closer look)


  1. D'jango says:

    Not that i like ash but your line of criticism is a bit disingenuous. She’s never positioned herself as an ambassador of the saree – and even in the presence of Bada B at IIFA she was wearing a distinctly western dress (with plenty of ‘skin showing’)

    So, she wears different clothes at different places – why would you not want her to dress in accordance with the place and the purpose of her visits?! Hopefully you’d do the same and not turn up at Ascot in a lungi!!

    Anyway, I suspect the write-up was just a cheap excuse to post some Ash pics. Next time don’t be a hypocrite & try so hard – make a clever quip about the hat instead 🙂

    Great blog btw, I love your gossip. Keep it coming!!

    p.s. I think I’m the first person ever to comment on your blog – surely I win something??!

  2. moifightclub says:

    @D’jango -disagree compltly. we hav always felt d same about her. show us the skin! IIFA or anywhere in India! here’s d link that has Aishwarya’s IIFA pics from this year…take a look.

    everyone has the right to wear what they want. same with her. we just feel its double standard when it comes to necklines! low neckline in india…we googled n googled…got nothing. but check the pics 2, 4, 5 and 7!

    Hypocrite…we r a cheap blog! dont need any reasons to put ash pics. its a pic post, we just added the comments to give it more tadka! check out pic 4…may b hat is Ascot thing. everyone got something weird.
    so we let it pass.

    Lungi is gr8 idea…for fresh air n quickie!

    Thnx. u r the first one on this post. check out the comment section, there are quite few in other posts. hmm.. greedy 😉

  3. D'jango says:

    Dear me, I can’t believe I’m.. a) defending ash for anything & b) googling her pics!!

    But here goes:


    both have skin, neck etc in the presence of bada B’s – so that argument of yours is completely invalidated.

    You will ofcourse argue that these are from events out of India.. but remember IIFA is an indian event for an indian audience – and is telecast here.

  4. moifightclub says:

    @D’ jango – u seem to be as vella as us. any reason to pick up a fight n feel good, huh ? ;-))

    C u know what we r going to say…its all outside india. Ok, may be infront of Bada (kya bada???)B. But still not in india! so aap bhi sahi aur hum bhi galat nahi. chalega ?

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