Ramu’s ROFL video of Agyaat – The Jungle song!

Posted: July 17, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, first look, News, shit, songs & videos, Thoughts
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You can trust him to do anything! Ram Gopal Varma or Ramu, he swings better than any pendulam ever made on this earth. From one extreme to other. How ? Nobody knows the answer and we dont think we will ever find an answer. A new promotional music video of Agyaat is out and Ramu has posted it on his blog. Its called the jungle song. We think its the ROFL video of the season. We have put the video here, check it out.

Dear Ramu,

Enough of school girls in skimpy clothes! How much of desperately-trying-hard-to-be oriental porn can we handle ? Huh. Bored.


And talking of Jungle, remember that killer song from Ramu’s another Jungle…patli kamar…teerchi nazar….jaane de na julmi mere pyaar udhar hai. Impossible to believe that its the same Ramu! Now check out this video.

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