First Look : Ashutosh Gowariker’s Whats Your Raashee (trailer)

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The first trailer/promo of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Whats Your Raashee is out. It doesn’t say much, doesnt even dare to go close to Harman Baweja. Just gives a glimpse of 12 avtaars of Priyanka Chopra. The film is produced by UTV.

Its based on Gujrati writer Madhu Rye’s novel Kimball Ravenswood. The film revolves around a young Gujarati man (Harman Baweja) who is looking for his dream girl (Priyanka Chopra), whom he must find in 10 days to save his family from an unforeseen ordeal.

So, will Harman Baweja finally get a second life with Gowariker or is Baweja already singing…hum toh doobe sanam, tujhe lekar doobenge!

  1. Agyaat says:

    Reincarnation of Mr. Yogi..

    Harman Patel should really be asking Why I Patel?.. now it surely is his problem..

  2. Where r u Kamineys? says:

    inspite of Priyanka working in his own film …why did the Gowarikar who made a film called Zakhm and then Lagaan with Aamir spew so much Venom about Priyanka at IIFA?

    i think that has got a reason to be from this Rashee…as per the inputs from the 1st AD of the film Sandeep Modi… who was but obvious on the sets all the time… Priyanka went way too ahead to give the PGA member Director saab a thing or two about her (12)characters in the film

    which but obviously he had disregarded and kept the angst within until IIFA came along after the shoot wrapped…and being a sync sound film he wont even need her thru the post production…. and now UTV has to do all the begging in front of Priyanka to market the film with her so called ex-bf Harmanja Bawe-jaa…

    Now the news is she is busy hooking new models up on ramp than hooting for Shahid since Kaminey is around the corner to release 2 weeks later… seems all is not going to be well for UTV in both the cases since they belong to them…

  3. Where r u Kamineys? says:

    well more on the Censor News…

    Kaminey goes to Censor in Mumbai.. Vinayak Azad the Region Head gives a A Certificate as the film has lots n lots of insane gun battle gang war types…with 3 cuts..

    this infuriates the Muzic Director turned Fhilum Director..(such a easy transition) and goes ahead to NEW DELHI in front of the Central Tribunal for a U/A certification…

    the Director Vishal Bharadwaj was so Over Confident about his interpersonal relationship with Sharmila Tagoreji (coz he took Saif in Omkara and got a UA then from her)

    that he ignored the advice of his Crew members to be personally present at the Delhi Screening…

    to his extreme casual nature…the Censor Board upheld the Mumbai office decision to give a A Certificate to this Dan-Te-Dan Fhilum and now with 8 Cuts…5 more…

    Vishal Bharadwaj couldnt belive his f**ked stars..
    he instantly call the Mrs. Pataudi and requested for a UA with cuts..but alas she was in no mood to compromise knowing how Omkara followed her in Controversy then…She just snubed sayin that The Panel has decided and its not her personal decision…

    Vishal had no choice but to accept the defeat and settle the matter there….

    now the Censors are such lovely kaminas that they did such Na-Insafi with the Gr8 Vishal Bharadwaj…and Gave The Industry ka RAMU ka AGYAAT a U/A Certificate with some 2 cuts in a song!!

    A Thriller film with a UA!! unheard of and atleast with Ramu as all his horror thriller films are of A Certificate…

    Seems the Rashee of both these Directors is changing constantly…oh ya add Ashu here as well…cya…

  4. moifightclub says:

    @notanidiot – so where will Priyanka go n hide now…from Shahid, Harman, Ashutosh…in the arms of Madhur Bhandarkar!

    Yeah, heard about Kaminey’s censor issue. But didnt know that Vishal fucked it up! Why cant they just serve everything with an Adult certificate. Aha…the family viewing audience…they cant watch sach ka samna, tehy cant watch rakhi ka swayamvar, they cant watch kaminey. why we need to do have orgy for everything!

  5. Sonal says:

    How the hell did KI have U/A then? Well cannot comment if A was justice or injustice until I watch Kaminey, but if we believe Vishal and the promos are anything to go by Kaminey is straight out of Guy Ritchie school of film making. In that case A is outrageous if KI got an U/A.

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