5million interviews for just 5% : Chetan Bhagat should shut up now!

Posted: September 10, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, gossipmongers, News, shit, Story / Plot / Synopsis, Thoughts, writing
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Chetan BhagatIf you like Chetan Bhagat or if you think he is the best thing to happen to desi writing or if you are desperately waiting for his next book Two States, then this place is injurious to you health. Kindly move on to next blog!

In Bollywood and Mumbai’s first class train compartements, people read only two authors. Chetan Bhagat and Paulo Coehlo. People have only two favourite books – The Alchemist and Five Point Someone. And I hate the smell of both the books! Chetan Bhagat is the shittiest thing to happen in desi writing in recent time. He is, what i call, potty writer! You read it while doing potty, finish it by the time your potty is over and then use it as tissue paper! Pure junk like McDonald’s and priced also at the same range! If someone is willing to sign my cousin who is in 5th standard, do let me know, he can also write the same.

No imagination, no thought, bad writing. Period. But too much of publicity! The three books by him are three mistakes of his life! And according to news reports, Raj Kumari Hirani’s Three Idiots is based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone. WTF!! How is that possible ? I could not digest the news. Spent sleepless nights. How could Hirani do it ?

Its official! Vidhu Vinod Chopra bought the rights of the book. Bus aur kya! Chetan Bhagat went on promotional over drive. Some million interviews on how the next Aamir Khan film is based on his book and blah blah blah. Pics in some million poses and more!

I was surprsied, confiirmed it and found that its just the setting and nothing beyond that. But on one side it was me and the other side it was Chetan Bhagat and his million interviews. Nobody was willing to believe me that VVC and Hirani bought the rights only to be safe, so that nobody can question them later on.

Finally, Raj Kumar Hirani has clarified in this interview (read the second last question. hav copy pasted it here also)  to Mumbai Mirror that the film and the book is only 5% similar! Yes, just five percent!

Q. How true are you keeping 3 Idiots to the book by Chetan Bhagat Five Point Someone?

A. 3 Idiots is inspired from the book but it is completely different. I would say just five per cent of it is the same. Books and films are different. So the moment you decide to pick up a book and make a film as it is, it will be a disaster. It’s a nice book, but it’s anecdotal and films can’t be anecdotal. It has to have a story. The reason I mention this is because people should not go to the theatre thinking, we are going to watch Five Point Someone and later find out that it’s a completely different film.

Game over, Mr Bhagat! Am much relieved. Now can that potty writer Chetan Bhagat just shut the fuck up! Enough of him and his mistakes!

UPDATE (1st Jan 2010) – Click here to read all the details and the dope about the credit controversy of 3 Idiots. Vidhu Vinod Chopra VS Chetan Bhagat.

  1. Tanul says:

    lol…I am not surprised. He once wrote on his blog before Hello released that people cried in the screening of the movie and what not. And when I saw the movie, I was like WTF? I mean HELLO? I wrote the following on his blog as a comment:
    He deleted it saying nasty comments are not allowed on the blog. I liked parts of FPS for very personal reason. It is sad to see him spiraling downwards.

  2. Ramanand says:

    Disturbingly, many people I know (who don’t read blogs or newspapers regularly) are under the impression that Three Idiots == FPS. Unless Hirani, AK & co. manage to do a good job in the marketing, people are going to be very disappointed.

    I wouldn’t go watch it if it was FPS (and that’s even without having read the book – pure bias :p). A couple of IITians have made more personal (though lower quality) movies on similar subjects – would rather watch those.

  3. Hai…
    You have done it again.

    Nobody really does it now-a-days. Do you know why? Cause people these days have become herds. Blind, deaf and dumbest. You say shi* and they will follow.

    Whatever is said, they follow it.
    This man has done nothing to get this much attention so far, but he is getting. Just a few special stories in places like Brunch in Hindustan Times. And not to say this can be managed.

    I was shocked to read that he is India’s most sold writer. His three books are the maximum sold of any Indian writer. It was obviously ridiculous but I couldn’t do much.

    He can’t even stand before the man we call ‘MUNSHI PREMCHAND’ but he kept on portraying himself as the english avatar of premchand.

    Manipulated the ready-to-be-manipulated media. This man writes weekly coulmns, which are full of cliche, crap and blabber. You can always put them aside without an iota of thinking and it will be a time-saving decision.

    I am sad at the state of ‘the attention he is being given’. We have our legendry pulp-writers, who are supremely higher than him, but in this country no body has even seen a single interview of them. Really disappointing.

    But I am happy that ‘Fight Club’ Did it.
    If you were before me I would have hugged you

    Keep up the good work.

  4. moifightclub says:

    @Tanul – he was never gud, he will never be!
    @Ramanand – the collectiv IQ of the genration is priced at Rs 99/- only!
    @Gajendra – glad u liked. its dirty but someone has to do it…eheehheheeh!

  5. madhavchandra says:

    I would earnestly ask u guys, if uve read the white tiger ?? .. do u condescend it in the same manner or uve got some respect cos its the winner of a bookers prize ??

    No.. Im no big fan of Chetan Bhagat, but cmon the guy deserves a lil respect for all he has done is try to portray what he has felt of the incidents around him! Cmon!! ..its btr than Harry Potter any day! .. dont u think so ???

    • wiseowl says:

      How could you even compare Harry Potter to Chetan Bhagat’s attempts at writing? Even if you consider Harry Potter a children’s book, the writing, the imagination and the plot are incredible and incomparable to ‘you-know-who’.

  6. moifightclub says:

    @madhav – yes, hav read the white tiger. i cant believe someone is comparing white tiger with chetan bhagat! awarad or no award. White tiger – there is a thought behind the book, mature thinking, and some great imgination in the way its told. chean has nothing. zilch on every count. no thoughts, no imgination and his writing is terrible. would rate harry potter miles ahead of bhagat’s tissues. only on imgination count, its millions of miles ahead!

  7. “. He once wrote on his blog before Hello released that people cried in the screening of the movie and what not”

    Well one can understand their tears on watching Hello, sadly Chetan took their “Dukh bhari aanso” to be “Khushi ke Aanso”.

  8. nitin says:

    frustated blog writer .

  9. silly topic to shit on blog #fail

  10. moifightclub says:

    @Ashish – u made my day! for some inane reason decided to check out your blog..exploring the hedonism of life and u r chetan bhagat fan!!!! ROFLOL!!! grow up kiddo. look beyond bhagat, there is much to look for if u r exploring HEDONISM!! cant get over it!

  11. allthecrap says:

    ok…people have opinion dear but why cant u accept the guy? You say its his mistake to write books…he has earned so much money and fame out of that. I think everyone should do that mistake..na?.. probably your 5th grade relative will earn more..try out don’t miss the opportunity.

    Point here is are you the target reader. the ans is no? just look at those guys who have started reading books; who otherwise never reads…whats the harm if they get to read a harmless funny story even if its without a thought ( as you said ).

    Coming to movie part do you think chopra’s will be so foolish to buy right of a book just to adapt the 5% of the story line? unlike chetan’s book lets be logical here dude…do you think so?

    And how do you justify farhan akhatar’s production producing a movie on 3 mistake and chetan is script writer there. Now don’t tell me even this production house is not credible..remember DCH,lakshya,don,LBC??

    Just want to say u may like to read writers like mr arvind who spend 3 pages on explaining the sweat on forehead of a character but don’t insult the sensibility of first-time-readers of india.

    And just like chetan bhagat even you have exaggerated this posts title ‘5million’ ?? ye chalta hai na??

    and FYI…I have read books ranging from shantaram to 5point someone.

  12. Praveen says:

    Thought I’ll share this link here

  13. Sindhu Murthy says:

    Well fought! I too detest the Bhagat fans and the Coelho fans and their fascination with the mindscrewing writing! and the endless wait for 3 Idiots cos it is supposed to be fun, like reading FPS – GOSH, Kill em! Cheers, buddy

  14. Angelina says:

    I’ve read all books written by chetan bhagat and I always throughly enjoyed each one of them. I love reading his books especially the recent one ‘2 States’. I laughed, cried and enjoyed reading this book. According to me, he is a good writer.

  15. arun says:

    Dude…whts ur problem…i fu dnt like him why u went on to read all his 3 books…or why dnt u or ur 5th stnd cousin take up writing and gve a “Best Seller” instead of writing filthy stuff.

    Agreed Chetans book are not for vivid readers but they serve purpose for thousands of people who prefer to read simple n fun things. Seems u cant take the publicity n fame he is getting for his hardwork 😉
    As far as the movies are concerned we need to wait n watch how much Mr. Hirani gonna take frm FPS (for 5% he still bought the rights).

    BTW Chetan bhagat has very clearly mentioned the things u said in his website n makes no undue claims :
    “‘3 diots’, starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor, set for release in December 2009. Inspired by ‘Five Point Someone’, this will be directed and scripted by Rajkumar Hirani who has also added his own take on the story”

    In another interview he says :
    “The director took my book as the base but he has changed it according to his requirements. He took permission from me before taking my story, but has not involved me in making it into the final script. But, he has shown me the final script and I have liked it too”

    Buddy i dnt think he needs cheap publicity and gve a “million interviews” (btw i think u overdoing it a bit) to get recognition for the hard work he does, his books do enough talking for him. So plz dont spend “sleepless night” on such petty stuff.

    I agree Chetan bhagats work cannot be compared to other literary stuff . New York Times called Chetan Bhagat as the biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history. So dont think u need to certify wht he writes and does…so it seems its u who needs to shut up n put ur “potty writing” into better use…atb

  16. Dan London says:

    I loved his FPS, ONACC was mediocre and 3 mistakes was horibble.Period!!!.. CB is like a model.. Make ta most out of hey days. Give trash if ppl take it.. Make cash if ppl give it… But I m sure with his each book( tissue paper as mentioned earlier by someone) , he better gather his act or he will be a bygone soon

  17. Lap joint says:

    Watz ur prob fella……….Chetan has redifined the story tellin’ art in INDIA….he has definately turned non-reader’s to reader’s…..he has achieved cult status….we love his book’s……AMEN

  18. whoismanik says:

    yep .totally agree with ya.. one nite at call centre was not a book..5 point someone sold plenty because of bringing the iit story out of iit gates 4 the 1st time..Rest i din read.. his writing is indeed amateurish.. 1st time a movie is better than the book.. oh sry 5%of the book..lolz

  19. Ardni says:

    Truly disturbing! If you are not a chetan bhagat fan, please visit http://getardni.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-hate-chetan-bhagat.html

    Let me know what you think there.

  20. moifightclub says:

    @Ardni – u r bang on! thank god, there are some sane people left in this world. was thinking if we are becoming a country of kiddos!

  21. ram says:

    frankly i liked five point someone wen i read it for the first time..jus lik a random blog u come across,was different in parts(but never worth a 2nd read though)..but since then this guy has gone into the ditch and produces shit evrytime.. More obnoxious is his attitude…Even gossip magazines sell in millions..that doesn’t mean its literature..And for ppl who feel he has done something new in the art of storytelling…well u guys need to open ur eyes..this guy hardly deserves what he gets… i hope he feels responsible someday and does sumthing better or else he would oly be forgotten soon with time

  22. Wow! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to find a blog like yours. The nauseating attention that Mr. Bhagat was getting at the very start of this year forced me to Google search for “I hate Chetan Bhagat” and it led me here. I am so so so very glad that I am not alone in my hatred for amateurish writing of a story which (having been an engineering student and a hostelite) should have been so awesome. FPS was enough to put me off Chetan Bhagat forever. Didn’t even venture to any of his other books! Thanks again, brother, for sharing my pain.

  23. Nitish Kumar says:

    Too much of a biased opinion from your side for a story which is proven best seller for a pretty long time in a less English known country. May be you find yourself superior than those many readers or like you said smell of common man sucks you.

    Pity that you come to comment over something without knowing that whats being talked about.. what’s the laws, whats between the lines etc etc.. be responsible….

    As about fact, similarities and claims.. then could check


    One should spare personal opinions while writing over something in public, I guess

  24. moifightclub says:

    @Nitish – why so selective reading ? that was written based on Hirani’s interview much much before the film’s release. Here is what we wrote about the film released….so chill!

  25. lexy says:

    i agree chetan bhagat is a shitty writer,but i dont understand why you cant stand paulo coelo?c’mon man bet you havnt even read his book,and the alchemist isnt the only book he has written ,and well as far as im concerned he is one of the most poetic people alive,and it REALLY pissed me off when you put him in the same league as chetan fucking bhaghat!!!please,if its because the alchemist is too mainstream then you need to grow up.not all mainstream book are bad.damn you have managed to piss me off very much damn you.

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