Whats Your Raashee ?The first review of Whats Your Raashee is out! This one is from Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) where the film had its premiere. And as we told you in this post, Whats Your Raashee is indeed 3hrs 20mins long. Variety confirms it. So get ready with your pillows and bean bags if you plan to catch the film!

Back to the review or mini-review. Though the review doesnt say much but click here or scroll down to read the full review. 

For an hour, “What’s Your Raashee?” — the first romantic comedy from director Ashutosh Gowariker (“Jodhaa Akbar”) — zips along on a silly premise: Returning home to Mumbai, a young and handsome Chicagoan (Harman Baweja) has 10 days to find a wife and earn Grandpa’s inheritance, lest his brother’s gambling debt bring the family down.

But as Baweja’s sweet Yogesh proceeds to “interview” each of a dozen ladies (all played by Priyanka Chopra), and the film stretches to a whopping 211 minutes, even Bollywood aficionados will consider breaking the engagement. Likable leads can’t guarantee a sizable dowry upon the pic’s Sept. 25 release.

Each with a different astrological sign (or rashee), Chopra’s prospective brides run the gamut. Girl No. 1 is ditzy; No. 2 is a hot microbiologist with, alas, a boyfriend; the gum-snapping third girl occasions a big dance number; the fourth is painfully shy, a victim of past heartbreak; the fifth is a fussy businesswoman who brings along a prenup agreement; and after the sixth, who believes in reincarnation, there are still six more to go. Two or three peppy songs prove woefully insufficient to sustain a 3½-hour trifle, however good-looking.

The film is an adaptation of the novel Kimball Ravenswood. We hated the music (Sohail Sen), the promos, and now it seems the film will complete the full circle! Should Harman Baweja look for a new career option? Think so. Its high time! And Priyanka Chopra might get her name in some record book for potraying 12 roles in a film but all she needs is just 12 scenes! Watch Kaminey, ask Vishal Bharadwaj!

The film will release in India on September 25th. Am in no hurry to book my tickets! Who knows, might have to watch it in 12 installments!

  1. tapan says:

    hey i dont agree with ur review …the film is supposed to be a good one ..n u r not coming to the point …whether film is good or not u r jus going round n round..but as u say the music is not good ..but actuallly music has already recieved a rave review..n i hope the film does too…so u didnt like the music but people did…similarly u didnt like the film i guess but people will…so request you not to come up with such harsh review before even release of d film….

  2. Pavan says:


    Going by Ashutosh Gowarikar’s standard (Lagaan/Swades… even Jodha-Akbar.. ), the music is big let down.. While we have played his previous music in endless loops (and still playing).. one tends to run away from the music of WYR.. and I also believe those who have seen Mr. Yogi, would not find any novelty in the concept.. and the legth is definitely a big minus.. yet looking forward to if AG has some hidden magic wand to turn it around..

  3. tapan says:

    music..is a let down..??!! ah i guess its bcoz it doesnt has name of all time great music director a r rehman to it?? yes dis is d point ..i noticed it ….if d same music was given by a r rehman music would have recieved great review ..its utter senseless ness n partiality ..people are being harsh to new comer..think over it…coz i heard each song personally n according to me not a single one of it is a let down..try hearing it again for me…atleast i find music much better den ALL THE BEST , WAKE UP SID , DIL BOLE HADDIPA , WANTED, N even BLUE…if u hear each song seriously u too will feel…

  4. moifightclub says:

    @Tapan – are we talking about the same music ? as soon as the music released, i also heard “each song personally” and played the complete album back to back thrice…not a single song registered. no repeat value at all. and all the songs worked for u ? wow. great. i havent heard anyone talking about how the music is superb…anyone requesting for a song of WYR on any readio channels…they r still playing LAK.
    and why comparing it other shit. do u mean its andhoon me kana raja ? and as far as rehman is conconred, i also love him, but the three songs of Blue which i hav heard so far sounds pure rubbish! m still playing ektara from wake up sid!

  5. Rusted Rick says:

    Cant decide if i should be happy that Baweja Jr.’s career is gonna get screwed for good
    ….or feel sad that AG is gonna make a bad film!!

  6. jrd says:

    It’s not fair to come up with such posts before the release of the film and you call yourself a lover of cinema! Bullcrap.

  7. moifightclub says:

    @jrd – world over, any film which is screened at any festival is reviewed! And reviewd by lovers of cinema. before or after, doesnt matter. gud or bad, the film remains d same. a post cant do much! so chill.

  8. tapan says:

    @Rusted Rick..haha should have thought for a while before saying dis..d person (harman) is trying hard to cm up wid good acting n is surely improved …u should have just thought once b4 getting happy his carrer gonna get screwed ..u will face life too..n u will feel it ..when u r trying hard n luck is not in ur favour..n u GET TOTALLY screwed…even watching imran in luck n kidnap doesnt seem he is a good actor ..he is in demand due to his JTYJN hype ..thnx to his uncle aamir for all d hype..n talk abt ranbir only his surname kapoor is enough to fetch him some good films post saawariya…u r totaly rusted man..get a life…

  9. Pavan says:


    Amit Trivedi is no ARR but people love and register his music (atleast a majority on this forum and many of us here hate Rahman of 2K).. Also do you really mean there is no credit to Gowarikar in making of Lagaan/Swades or even JA (crap music for me.. still sound classic to me in comparison to WYR).. I had no expectations from Sohel Sen (son of Dilip Sen?) but its Gowarikar’s ears which let me down this time.. I didn’t liked Swades as a movie (Album was far better) but just one song, Ye Jo Des Hai Tera in pre climax, which was used beautifully and raised the film to high point was great use of the song..

    on the other note Imran is riding on better LUCK than Harman for sure.. Papa Baweja did his best, probably more than Aamir and tried to turn a Goat into a Horse and failed as expected..

    I wished you had written this comment on Variety’s site.. as its they who have published the report before the release…. and once anything is out in Public, how can we not discuss it..

  10. Pavan says:

    Bhagwaan tumhein film jhelane ki shakti pradan kare!

  11. tapan says:

    haha no problem..ha ha u r rendered speech less after watching d review i have more same kind of rave reviews…now no word to say so saying all dis crapp..lol tumhe shakti de…what rubbish…

  12. moifightclub says:

    @Tapan – do u know whats the difference between a review and a report ? dont think so. Variety one is review and d one by glamsham is report, which is more of press release handed by the company! and the reporting is done from the press release, not from the location. if you have any more “rave reviews’ please share the links here. we will be happy to read!

  13. tapan says:

    haha i thought you are smart enough to catch wat it meant…but in case of dumb peoples here is d link



  14. PRASAD says:

    i 100% agree with what tapan said…. music is really very good…f u want proof of this check out music reviews on sites bollywoodhungama, planetbollywood n others…. and this film will b very good… ashutosh gowarikar rocks n so do WYR !!!

  15. raffuchakkar says:

    watching priyanaka in one avatar is a big probelm and bearing her in 12 avatar is going to kill us.she is an average actor and moreover the length of the movie may come back to bite ashtutosh in a big way.There are couple of hummable songs but i doubt it may save the already doomed film 😉

  16. tapan says:

    lol raffuchakkar u doubt fate of film at the box office..i wonder whether u have brain or not to understand value of a already most good female actress..lol all know about priyanka’s acting skill she has shown often on d big screen ..n about her looks,,u need to check out her popularity…hmm i dont need to say much about dat coz u r tooo silly so dat i dont need to comment on ur foolish comments

  17. moifightclub says:

    @Tapan – the film is going to sink faster than titanic. press screening just got over. disatrous reports from everyone!

  18. tapan says:

    any hint how is dis report …??

  19. […] Are we surprised ? Naah. Everything was indicating in the same direction. Harman Baweja, Promos, Songs…we hated everything. Then came out the duration 3.5 hours, the Variety review and someone even leaked out the print! Seems this time even luck is not on his side. To read our earlier post on Variety review click here. […]

  20. […] Tapan, where are you ? You saw the film ? BTW, if you are wondering who is Tapan, click here and check the comments section. (People try too hard but going by our record, we can say that we […]

  21. raffuchakkar says:

    where the hell are u tapan.
    U call ppl silly if they do not agree the film bombed and my predictions and fightclub predictions were right to the T.
    U and your buddies baweja and priyanka and ashu are missing these days on the face of the earth 😉
    ashtuosh will be complimented by sajid khan in the next award function it will be hilarious 😉
    tapan u need to grow up since you need to respect other’s pov.

  22. raffuchakkar says:


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