First Look : Aparna Sen’s The Japanese Wife (trailer)

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The Japanese WifeRemember those good ol’ days of pen friendship ? And if you were born before the internet era and ever experienced the joy of pen friendship, then you must read Kunal Basu’s story The Japanese Wife. Its one of the most beautiful love stories I have read in recent times. Simple, serene, heartfelt and fascinating. The book is a collection of 12 short stories.

BTW, I bought the book because I loved the cover. The paper quality and the pic looks and feels gorgeous (not so in the pic that I have posted on the left). Call me mad but I love all these, and there is nothing like the smell of a new book. Instead of reading between the lines, try putting your nose between the pages once!

Aparna Sen’s new film is based on the same story and it has the same title The Japanese Wife. The film stars Rahul Bose, Raima Sen, Moushumi Chatterjee and Japanese actress Chigusa Takaku. It is in English, Bengali and Japanese. And here is the synopsis of the film….

The Japanese Wife2Snehmoy (Rahul Bose) and Miyage (Chigusa Takaku) are pen friends who exchange wedding vows through letters. Fifteen years pass but they never meet. Yet the bond of marriage is strong between them. This unusual relationship comes under a cloud when a young widow, Sandhya (Raima Sen), comes to stay with Snehmoy along with her eight-year-old son. Snehmoy and the little boy bond and the arithmetic teacher discovers the joy of palpable bonds and fatherhood. There develops an inexplicable thread of understanding with Sandhya too. But what happens to the love story of Senhmoy and Miyage ? Will not spoil it for you. Read the book or wait for the film.

Lil late on this but just figured out from a friend that the trailer of the film is already online. Take a look. Not sure why they are using the word “grand” in the trailer. Its just the opposite…its intimate! The film has been ready for quite sometime but the producers (SaReGaMa) has been sitting and shitting on it! No clue why!

  1. su says:

    badly designed.

  2. Vijay says:

    Badly Designed and a very bad tralier…your words have more add soul into it…but what i saw looks like a mere caricature of the Book….m sure the film too wont be as good as the old book….gotta pick tht than wait for Grand SaReGaMa to release it whenever

  3. Terrible trailer! They just made a huge “do-not-do” list and did every single thing on there.

    The VO shouldn’t have to say things like “a film so grand in scale”. Don’t tell me its grand in scale. SHOW ME. I didn’t see a single shot in there that gave the impression of a grand scale.

    And please, VOs in trailers never sound good unless they are done by Don LaFontaine (may he RIP). I am optimistic that this is a good film, but a trailer like this gives the impression of it being a “wannabe” trying desperately to make up for its shortcomings.

    Please get a good agency to cut your trailer!

  4. moifightclub says:

    looks like they are trying to sell the filmmaker and not the film. but even by that logic it luks/sounds bad. those who like her films, will watch it anyway! here is bit more on the shoot of the film…

    Click to access japaneseWife.pdf

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