Pradeep Sarkar’s new film & what can a blogpost do!

Posted: October 1, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, cast news, cinema, gossipmongers, News, Thoughts
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Pradeep SarkarYashraj Films has finally announced their new film with Pradeep Sarkar. The title is not yet finalised but the cast is in place. The film will star Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone.

If gossipmongers are to be believed, Pradeep Sarkar desperately tried his luck with many other actors but none of them were willing to do his new film after the debacle of Laga Chunari Me Daag (LCMD). Am guessing they finally had no choice but to settle for Neil Nitin Mukesh.

According to the press release, “both the actors have extremely challenging roles to play in this love story set in the gritty streets of Mumbai“. Extremely challenging roles for the extremely challenged Neil Nitin Mukesh & Deepika Padukone ? As Dhoni says in the Aircel ad, Aur bolo ?

Talking of Pradeep Sarkar, here is an intersting incident that happened after the release of his last film, and I got to know about it much later. Earlier one of us used to blog on I loved Parineeta and hated Laga Chunari Me Daag. After the release of Laga Chunari Me Daag, I wrote this post on how the directorial debut of his dop Sushil Rajpal is much better than LCMD! I dont know Sushil Rajpal but managed to watch his film Antardwand at a screening. It bagged the National Award for Best Film on social issues this year and is going to get a theatrical release soon through Sunil Doshi’s company.  

The headline of my post ( Pradeepda, call up your dop Sushil Rajpal and ask him how he got those small things right in his unreleased film Antardwand that you could not in Laga Chunari Me Daag ? ) was enough to do the damage. Pradeep Sarkar and his whole team read the post. And they somehow felt that I knew Sushil Rajpal and he is the real culprit.  Voila!

Sushil RajpalAs a dop, Sushil has been working with Pradeeep for long time. When the two (Pradeep and Sushil) met for their next tv commercial shoot, Pradeep wasnt even looking at Sushil. Forget about talking and discussions. A royal ignore! He was still pissed off because of the blogpost. Sushil kept on wondering WTF is this! He told one of his colleagues…yaar maine kya kiya ? Kisi ne mere film ki taarif ki lekin yeh to bilkul ulta ho gaya! Kaun hai yeh….kisne likha hai ?

Though I was the culprit, poor Sushil Rajpal had to face his wrath! Just what can a blogpost do! Cheap thrill, i bet! 

So will Sushil Rajpal shoot his new film ? Lets see. Will keep posted.

  1. ipsita shome says:

    screw up more people’s lives through your blogposts! An incredible alteration formula during the regular humdrum of life. Good luck!

  2. moifightclub says:

    @ipsita – why so serious ? Pradeep Sarkar deserves it n more! And Sushil Rajpal was more than happy that someone wrote about his film, Nobody had any clue that he directed a film and it was ready. And the rest, cheap thrill. its fine as long as the intention is not wrong! no sympathies for a bad film! fight club!

  3. harry says:

    @ipsita – Dude … its a fight club … not a feel sorry club …

  4. pardemeinrehnedo says:

    ipsita – dont blame moifightclub. Blame Bill gates (or whoever) for inventing the comp. Blame those two MIT engineers (or stanford – who cares) for inventing the internet.
    Blame god for making human beings intelligent. Blame moifightclub’s stubborness to respond to ur dumb comment.
    And finally blame BR Ambedkar for providing freedom of expression and democracy in the indian constitution.

  5. DPac says:


    acid strikes
    manipulative whore u R eheheh

  6. ipsita shome says:

    my my!!! did I sound like blaming moifightclub??? Oh good lord…NO!
    I meant that you did the right thing by showing Pradeep Sarkar that people who are not supported by massive banners and whose films are not even released might just be better than him.

    No offence meant actually
    I did not intend to be sarcastic.

  7. Indraneel says:

    Where is Antardwand? How can it be seen??

  8. moifightclub says:

    @Indraneel – last i heard sunil doshi is going to release it. the name has been changed though. cant remember right now.

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