WTF : Why did Anupama Chopra change her Aladin review rating from 3 to 2 stars ?

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Anupama ChopraNow, Picture This! Is it technical goof-up or peer pressure ? Or some readers might dismiss it as our conspiracy theory! But whatever it is, its interesting for sure. Read on.

Every friday morning we religiously do one thing. Check out all the possible reviews of the recent releases. Generally Indiafm (Taran Adarsh), Rediff (Raja Sen/Sukanya Varma/Chandrima Pal) and NDTV (Anupama Chopra) come out with the early reviews. Anupama’s reviews are first published on the website and are generally out by noon. She speaks out the same lines on her review show Picture This on NDTV 24 X 7 at 20:30.

This friday when we put out the early reviews of Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladin on this post , we read Anupama’s review and realised that she has rated Aladin – 3/5 stars. Here is the google cache of the same page. Have a look.


After that, slowly one by one reviews started coming out. And most of the reviewers thrashed the film completely, rating it between 1 and 2 stars.

There are lot of reviewers who know that they are wrong guys at the wrong place and so before rating any film they make sure to call up few other fellow reviewers and check if they are judging the film right or wrong. Trust us, it does happen. Or they end up making fool of themselves who even give good ratings to Randeep Hooda’s Love Khichdi, search Buzz18 reviews! But no, Anupama Chopa doesnt belong to the club! She is infact one of the most sane and sorted out reviewers who knows her subject quite well. Though sometimes she looks misfit for TV.

And thats why its a big shock and surprise to see the rating of Aladin going down from three to two stars. Here is the link to the new review page with 2/5 stars. Putting here a snapshot of the same page. Its UNBELIEVABLE! Do they think we are blind and they can get away with anything ? Naah, those days are passe! 

So, will the holier-than-thou NDTV explain this to us ?

Aladin new review1

On her show Picture This  she rated the film 2/5. So, did she change her rating after reading other reviews ? Or was it someone else’s mistake who added one extra star to Aladin ? If anyone can enlighten us on this issue, we will be much relieved! Do let us know. We are eagerly waiting to know why and how!

  1. Kenny says:

    I had a nagging feeling that the herd mentality applies a lot to many ‘reviewers’. Didn’t think Anupama Chopra would be the same. This only reinforces my conspiracy theory

  2. Amit Agarwal says:

    This is beyond all the absurdities….Our cinema is going nowhere with these kind of tactics…

  3. manu shah says:

    not anupama chopra. she is good and gen sticks to her guns. and her reviews are def not herd stuff. she is clear and justifies her views and decisions well. must be a sujoy acolyte in ndtv upto his tricks.

  4. Honest Abe says:

    Anupama, grow some balls and stand up for your original rating. After Taran Adarash completely lost his credibility by giving glowing reviews of Blue (how much did they pay you?), we don’t have many respectable reviewers left!

  5. Navdeep says:

    Slow day in the blogosphere, eh?

  6. Hi,

    It’s nice to know that you are following my show so closely. And you are right, there was a 3 star rating, which was changed to 2. This was because our internet guys goofed up. My original rating was always 2 stars but someone added a star. I was shocked to see my name in Aladin ads with three stars. I wrote to Eros and to the net guys at NDTV and it was changed.
    Thanks for paying attention. Anupama

  7. moifightclub says:

    @Anupama – oh yeah, we do follow you! so beware 😉 And thnx for the clarification. will put it up as a post. but you sure that eros didnt plant a mole ?

  8. No wonder ! i was curious about her after reading her review @NDTV for karthik calling karthik..She’s biased for SRK and Karan Johar movies..I made a google search and found she’s the author of a book on SRK..No wonder ..posted the following comment…but I doubt NDTV would publish it.

    Well of course it’s not a good movie according to Mrs. chopra, even its a nail biting thriller though ..with amazing acting and a gripping direction….The movie doesn’t have an overdose of emotion and stupidity like Karan Johar movies right Mrs Chopra? I was shocked to see your review after watching it…then I found out your other reviews ..All praisees for any SRK movies BECAUSE you’ve written the book “king of Bollywood” on SRK…not only that you’re Mrs. Vidhu Chopra of 3 Idiots ! sO must you condemn even a brilliant movie because it released just after your hubbie’s movie? Vidhu Chopra even didn’t acknowledge the movie’s author and you Mrs . chopra is a good match for him..Shame on you and NDTV. You should have been fired for lobbying and biased reviews!

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