Xclusive : IPL 2010 launch video is plagiarised from Coke China Olympics TVC!

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Ah, they have done it again! One more and its a hattrick. Last time it was the IPL Karmayudh video which was copied from the Yankees Ad. If you dont remember click here to see the original, the copied and filmmaker Prasoon Pandey’s reaction to plagiarism allegations.

And here is the new one from Indian Plagiarised League! Those who are following all the IPL buzz must have already seen the “red carpet” launch video of IPL 2010 on SetMax. If you havent, click on the play button.

And here is the original one. The Coke TV commercial for China Olympics.

In the desi one, they have just added saare jahan se accha, hindustan hamara. And believe it or not, but try this. Freeze the first video (IPL) at 01:03 and the second one (coke) at 01:37. Looks like they went out on recce looking for similar locations and shot in the same way. And how can they let go the great visual of snow-capped mountain? As Dhoni says, toh aur bolo ?

And can any enlightened soul tell us who is the culprit this time ? Is it Pandeyji again ?

  1. Vijay says:

    I’m absolutely shocked at this. Plagiarism in cinema is one matter, but THIS is corporate plagiarism and usually in the advertising industry, such things are not taken lightly.

    The BCCI and whichever agency created these ads can be in HUGE trouble if legal action is taken. But I doubt Coca Cola, which now would own the IP for that commercial will do any such thing, because rubbing BCCI the wrong way would mean they wouldn’t be able to sponsor cricket events in India in the future.

  2. Amit says:

    The film has been shot by Arun Gopalan from Storytellers and makes extensive use of computer graphics. The team at JWT Mumbai comprised Debu Purkayastha, Vistasp Hodiwala, Ram Jayaraman and Sundeep Sehgal.
    They were paid 2 crores for it!

  3. Amit says:

    Sorry wrong email in the earlier mail

  4. Sameer Hafiz says:

    I was in the first batch of students at Lintas University 15 years ago. Piyush had just done the TATA Estate ad, with the chauffeur who forgets his glasses atop the moving car, and I remember this was exactly what happens in a US ad for a Nissan SUV, where a woman forgets her coffee atop it while driving to work.

    I met Piyush, one of our teachers at the time, outside an elevator at Express Towers and told him about this. He kept quiet as the elevator doors opened and seemed thoughtful. He looked in airily in my direction and said, “Oh really? What a coincidence,” and the elevator doors shut, and he was gone.

  5. Sameer Hafiz says:

    the Indians copying the Chinese? now that’s original

  6. jatin says:

    As per my sources, the production guys gave a broad idea to the team specified above without specifying that it could be copy. I dont think u can blame them for thinking what their chinese counterparts thought

  7. DPac says:

    neva did see the IPL Karmayudh video. tht one is hardly a copy. the ink splash has been used multiple number of times in diff ways. the ads look diff as well (read yankee teaser awesome IPL Karmayudh video juvenile)

    well its prutty evident which is which on this one though 🙂

  8. rishi says:

    A gigantic sized red carpet.

    That idea is not a coincidence. It is definitely plagiarism.

    And in this case, the red carpet was the central idea in the commercial, so Piyush cannot use the same excuse as last time.

  9. Chittaranjan says:

    The Red-Carpet idea might have been original but to use it in the exact manner – big one unfolding along the deserts/mountains/villages/highways etc clearly points out to the fact that it was a ‘copied’ one.

    And they also reversed the end i.e. instead of ending at the starting (coastline), the carpet ends at the end i.e. the stadium. How Original!!!

  10. Tejaswy says:

    Am i the only one to notice that the sound track of the chinese coke ad was taked from “The pirates of the Caribbean” – Hans Zimmer, ” He is a pirate”

  11. Riyaan says:

    yes it is SHOCKING…such blatant copying…COKE should wake up and sue whoever has done it or else these things will continue….as for me – i think they have absolutely diluted the song “saare jahan se acha” by putting a copied video on it……ARE WE TRYING TO SAY “saare jahan se acha hindustan copying mein best hai”????? what a waste of such a brilliant song….

  12. guytree says:

    oh my god!! it is so disgustingly copied…..what were the ad makers smoking….they thought it would go unnoticed is it?

  13. Sneha says:

    The “maxindia” on YouTube is deleting all the comments about the plagiarised promo.
    Shameless, they should have trashed this promo and made a new one to save their face.

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