First Look : Sumit Purohit’s indie feature 12073

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“घर को ढूंढें पागल सा, मूर्ख दीवाना है
जहाँ रुके वहीँ घर हो जावे, ठौर-ठिकाना है
नाथ तुंग के कभी प्रयाग-ऐ-रूद्र होइयां
अन्दर झाँका, बुद्ध होइयां”

It all started with the idea to see what Canon 7D was capable of. I could have tested it in Mumbai but when you are from a place like Uttarakhand, what better than to explore your own home.

Thereafter started the ideation, scribblings and conversations. And all through the shooting, that is how we worked. There was no bound script and no story in a traditional sense. There were notes I jotten down, every now and then on my phone. There were fairly clear character sketches in our minds. And there was the idea to explore, much like the characters do – two friends, one revisiting the hills he belongs to and other experiencing a whole new world.

I had been following Mihir’s DSLR work for a while. He is one of the few people doing a great job with it, at least in India, so he was quite an obvious choice for cinematographer. Our friend and my co-writer on many projects, Puneet Krishna, decided to co-produce. Because most of the film relied on improvising, I cast trained actors from FTII – Gaurav Dwivedi and Shubham.

A small crew of five, we took off from Mumbai, with a seven-day plan in hand. Little did we anticipate a glitch, that too right in the beginning; an unexpected train delay made us lose one whole day. The schedule had to be worked around to shoot as much as possible all through, right from the banks of Ganga to up in the Himalayas. What we overlooked this time was that trekking up the steep four kilometre Himalayan strech, to reach Tunganath – the final destination of our road movie, wouldn’t be a piece of cake (had it been so, we wouldn’t have enjoyed as much!). Shooting on low budget, with limited time-frame and that too while traveling, can lead to innumerable permutations and combinations of situations which have to be incorporated in the film, no matter what. Sometimes the actors can surprise you for good and on some occasions one has to live with whatever has been captured. Limitation can be a beauty.

This film, as and when it gets made, is the idea we began with – exploration.

I wish I could edit the film sooner, but in between jobs that get the daily bread and a whole lot of footage essentially shot without a screenplay, editing is a long process.

(p.s. If this teaser interests you, do get in touch with us. We are still looking for people to help us with music, sound design, vfx etc. The final cut would be around 60-70 minutes. The following teaser has been edited on Tibetan bowl music)

(ps 1 – The first four lines in Hindi are by Puneet Krishna)

For production stills click here.

All feedback is welcome!

Sumit Purohit

  1. Shaan says:

    Looking great.

  2. priya says:

    do you intend to make a feature film?how do you plan to release it- online?only dvd?
    what is the title all about?
    suggestion – post your behind the camera sequences on your facebook page, I am sure you will garner the required attention, may be publicity as well.

    • Seems it’s going to feature length. Around 60-70 minutes.
      We still don’t know what will our release plan. Trying to complete the film right now.
      Title can have multiple meanings. Wait for the film.
      That’s a good suggestion. Will try and do that once we are ready with the film.

  3. Mihir Desai says:

    So proud to be a part of this film!

  4. Butter Chicken says:

    looks very interesting – I’d love to watch this when its ready!

  5. Look forward to see the whole thing.

  6. Gyandeep says:

    Amazing. The scenes flow like poetry. Absolutely looking forward to seeing it.

  7. @Rohwit says:


  8. assman says:

    ~Looks good. But neither title (12073) nor teaser give a clue what its about.

    ~Can’t resist asking how much money did you spent till now?


    • Even though it didn’t give u any clue I am sure it generated some kind of feeling in you. That’s important.

      Let’s discuss the money only when film is completed. Haven’t paid few people yet 😉

      • assman says:

        Senor, certainly it does evoke interest. Good luck for the journey ahead. Do write another detailed post when the film gets released about the second half of film making.

        peace out

  9. What a wonderful experience… the teaser was worth the wait Sumit…. Waiting for the 70 mins magic….

  10. vasu says:

    Luks grt,being a kumaoni myself,i appreciate the local shoot,plz don’t make it into a masala flick,leave it original,release online or dvd.wud love to watch it.

  11. abhishek badade says:

    i liked the teaser… very fine… i am not music composer… but i sing… and if we do jamming, i hope i can create good score for your movie. i dont need money. but i want to do some creative work. so if you need any help…contact me. all d best to u…

  12. Rony says:

    After kshay this is the 2nd indie film’s trailer that has got me interested. Waiting for it!

  13. […] Writer, Producer, Editor and Director: Sumit Purohit Writer, Producer and Lyrics: Puneet Krishna  Director of Photography: Mihir Desai Co-writers and Actors: Gaurav Dwivedi and Shubham Director’s blog post: […]

  14. Rudra says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice preview. I am looking forward to seeing the final cut. By the way, is this going to be an online release?

  15. frg says:

    12073 feet above sea level? Looks interesting.

  16. Good work & good luck to Sumit & rest! Got the reference of elevation level from sea from Title! Is is near you home Sumit?

  17. Sudip says:

    Quirky and interesting. More power to you guys. p.s. Producer saab, party!!!

  18. This is full of potential and promise. Fantastic compositions and visual clarity, even the audio is so crisp. Best wishes, Sumit and team!
    And take a bow, Mihir. Really impressive showcase.

  19. Chhatrapal says:

    Awesome Work Sumit! And one of the best HDSLR cinematography I have seen capturing Indian locals. partly due to very wonderful locations and rest due to very good skills. Mihir that last time-lapse is awesome. Trailer is very well edited … if the same essence is maintained in the film, it will rock.

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