Podcast : Dissecting box office with Shailesh Kapoor, CEO, Ormax Media

Posted: February 10, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, podcasts
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Box office is a difficult and quite a different kind of beast. And strangely, we have started hearing a lot about it in the last 2-3 years. Boasting numbers wasn’t the trend earlier. Now everyone is keen to flash their numbers – opening day, weekend, week, highest, highest per screen or any other category that you can think of. Full page ads with box office numbers in biggest fonts possible isn’t unusual. But what’s the trick? When so many new records are set with almost every big release, have we cracked the box office formula? Is it just Bhai-porn? What’s the big deal about the first promo? Do critics really matter when it comes to box office numbers?

And to find the answers to those queries, we met Shailesh Kapoor. We have been following him on twitter for quite sometime. In a country where everyone is an expert on cinema (and cricket), he talks what the research says. Not just random blabbering like those so called trade analysts. So click on the play button and do check it out. There is bit of echo in the sound. But hopefully you guys will manage. And there are some pointers below the audio clip if you want to skip to specific topic.

(And the voice that keeps on distracting the conversation belongs to Navjot Gulati)

00:50 – IIT. IIM. Bollywood

1:50 – Is there a method to the madness?

4:15 – Mere paas Naaz hai, Chandan hai, Gaiety hai, Galaxy hai. Tumhare paas kya hai?

5:50 – Ormax’s work – What/when/where/why research?

07:05 – concept testing / 09:50 – Title testing

10:50 – Short Term Shaadi VS Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

12:30 – Music testing – instant hit or can it grow?

14:40 – Promo testing.

15:47 – mera driver. tumhara cook. who else?

20:10 – Campaign = Cinematix = Opening weekend

23:03 – 19.5 cr for Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

23:40 – Tees Maar Khan

25:45 – There is nothing called “First promo/look” for the audience. Whatever they see first, that’s the one.

27:30 – Stars + Music + Genre = Weekend business. Bhai-porn.

28:20 – Weekend audience. Family = Out. College kids = In.


30:20 – Faltu. And chaar baj gaye.

33:14 – Where do the small films fit in then?

35:30 – My conviction VS your research – living in denial?

39:25 – Too much importance to critics? If you have to,  buy the friends, peer groups, social media guys. They are more credible now.

41:40 – Our Critics. Their Films.

47:53 – 3 Idiots. Not in Weekend Top 5. Not in Week Top 5. But still tops the Lifetime collection and by a HUGE margin. And it’s NOT a comedy.

50:50 – Get the “irregulars”! 60% of regular film goers still don’t know what Talaash is.

51:40 – Youtube views? BollywoodHungama views? Take it lightly, guys!

53:15 – What’s the meaning of Dabangg?

54:19 – AB : Hit on small screen, flop on big screen?

And as always, all kinds of feedback are more than welcome.

(To follow Ormax Media on twitter, click here)

  1. Arvind Narayanan says:

    Mate- I think the company name is Ormax Media.

    • sharath says:

      Inexperienced interviewers. The talk started off with how ormax does media, research design and various services but then these guys digressed completely in the second half talking only about reviews and box office and there was no mention of the research process, how they do what they do, etc.
      Could have been way better. anyway, good job.

  2. dhruva says:

    Good interview. Interesting insights.
    but Gulati is fuckin annoying

  3. jhonmoy says:

    Mast hai par.. yaar ye impromptu, improvised, 3-piled-into one questions bahutai irritating hain :-/

  4. Shaan says:

    Great stuff. Very informative.

  5. Great Stuff ! Mazaa aa gaya ! Ek Anurag Kashyap ka podcast please !!!

  6. assman says:

    Are all surds so loud? :p
    Navjot you didn’t make that interesting point/observation about TV. What was it?

    • @navjotalive says:

      The point is that TV shows are made for Ganga kay kinarein ek chote sey ghar mein rehni wale Birju ki Maa.

  7. pakhipakhi says:

    One worry would be that this would lead to homogenization of content. Also, on the one hand we lament the poor judgment that Indian audiences have, on the other we want to use audience feedback to modify the product.

  8. 41.40 पर शैलेष कपूर ने जो बात कही है,वह काफी महत्‍वचूर्ण है। किस सौंदर्यबोध के साथ आप हिंदी फिल्‍म देख रहे हैं या उसकी समीक्षा कर रहे हैं। सभी समीक्षकों से निजी तौर पर परिचित होने और उनके प्रति सम्‍मान भाव रखते हुए हमेशा मेरे मन में उलझन रहती है कि जो आम बातचीत में 10-15 मिनट हिंदी नहीं बोल पाते,वे दो-ढाई घंटे की फिल्‍म उसके हिंदी संवादों के जरिए कितनी बारीकी से समझते होंगे। ‘एक मैं एक तू’ की समीक्षाओं का अध्‍ययन करें तो समीक्षकों का ध्रवीकरण और फर्क समझ में आएगात् किसी भी भाषायी समीक्षक ने इसे 3 से अधिक स्‍टार नहीं दिए,लेकिन अंगे्रजी समीक्षकों ने इसे 4 स्‍टार दिए। मुझे लगता है कि विदेशी फिल्‍मों के एक्‍सपोजर और संबंधों की शहरी सोच की वजह से उन्‍हें यह फिल्‍म अधिक पसंद आई। दूसरा असर थोड़ा अलग स्‍तर पर काम करता है…यह अलग मुद्दा है। यह खतरनाक भी है। ‘दोस्‍ताना’ और ‘एक मैं एक तू’ की कथाभूमि विदेश की है। परिवेश,सोच और किरदारों के स्‍वभाव भी देसी नहीं हैं(,लेकिन उन्‍हें अभिषेक बच्‍चन,जॉन अब्राहम,प्रियंका चोपढ़ा,इमरान खान और करीना कपूर जैसे परिचित और पॉपुलर एक्‍टर निभाते हैं। पर्दे पर उन्‍हें देखते सकय कलाकरों की नजदीकी के कारण दर्शक उनके परिवेश और उस देश को याद नहीं रखता। उसके लिए वह यहां की कहानी हो जाती है। वह विचार के स्‍तर पर भी उसे ग्रहण करता है। नतीजतन वह समलैंगिकता और भंगुर संबंधों को अपने देश की बात समझ बैठता है।उसे स्‍वीकार करने की मनोदशा में आ जाता है।

  9. @Rohwit says:

    Anurag podcast.


    cholbey naa cholbey naa

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