WTF: Pritam has done it again!

Posted: June 16, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, gossipmongers, News, plagiarism, songs & videos, WTF
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PritamAccused of plagiarism! And according to news reports, the music composer has hit the half century mark on plagiarism charts with this song. After West, the current trend is to look east for inspiration and Pritam does the same. The song in question is Hai Junoon from Kabir Khan’s New York. Its plagiarised from a song called Naluri Lelaki by an Indonesian band Samsons. Check out the two songs and see if you think the same.

There is an interesting twist in the tale too. It seems singer-composer Pankaj Awasthi revealed the same in the youtube link of the original song by posting a comment there as Awasthiji. But later on the comment was removed “by the author”. has a screenshot of the page before it was removed. You can check it here.

Pankaj Awasthi is credited as music composer for one song in New York, Aye Saaye Mere. It surely was a brave step on Pankaj’s part to come out and put the comment but then why remove it ?! Was it because of Yashraj Films or Pritam ? We love and respect Pankaj Awasthi’s music, much more than Pritam’s or Yashraj’s, and hope that he gets a fair deal without being threatend for being honest and candid. 

  1. SR says:

    Old news probably, but here is the original Korean version of Pehli Nazar Mein from Race

  2. SR says:

    And here’s Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai from Gangster – the original by an Indonesian band. You’ll find many more

  3. ris says:

    yeah… coz indonesia always have agreat songs to copy !!! Cayooo Indonesia

  4. me again says:

    Song from Jab We Met ” Ye ishq Hai ” it also plagiarism from indonesian artist annextion between ANGGUN and agnes monica songs! OOO…. why why

  5. dazedandconfused says:

    somebody should contact these guys in Indonesia and file a case on their behalf…make a bunch of money…we already have a precedent in the Kkrazy 4 case, so why not?

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