Breaking News : Its Elesh Parunjanwala!

Posted: August 2, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, gossipmongers, News, pics, television, Thoughts, WTF
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Elesh ParujanwalaAnd we are ROFLOL!  So when was the last time someone’s marriage became BREAKING NEWS ? Just Imagine. And even for the holier-than-thou attitudewala NDTV India! Why blame only India TV ?

We admit we are natural born voyeurs. Could not keep ourselves away from Rakhi Ka Swayamvar finale. And what a show it was! Hand over the entertaining show of the year to Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. We have never been hooked to someone’s marriage so seriously. Intially, it looked like there are only counted few jokers in the world. But today I discovered that family of jokers do exist. The genes are not from some random planet.

So, the mommy, daddy, brother, sister and all the possible relatives turned up at the show to do naach-gaana  for their few seconds of fame and celebrate Rakhi Ka Swayamvar! But the one who caught our attention is Ram Kapoor. In a Lajpat Nagar sherwani which can bounce of light even in a black hole, he looked as if he could easily replace the elephant who is supposed to take out the couple for a post-engagement ride. 

Back to the lucky/unlucky boy of Canada. Elesh Parujanwala is a 30 year old Gujrati businessman based in Toronto. Runs family business and wants to get into entertainment industry in Mumbai. Seems like a perfect match. Rakhi will have deep pocketwala NRI and Elesh will find a getaway for his bollywood aspirations! And NDTV Imagine gets the TRP’s.

Whats next ? The couple plans to spend more time together to figure out if they really gel well or not. And the sati-savitri that Rakhi is, she has made it clear that there will be no physics or biology involved. Only chemistry!

Our suggestion – For second season, NDTV Imagine should go for Rakhi Ka Honeymoon. Canada Tourism will happily sponsor it. And we bet, they dont have to worry about the TRP’s. Or it will be new edition of Lost In Translation with Rakhi’s english and Elesh’s hindi! And who said marriages are made in heaven ? Rakhi has proved everyone wrong. Its made on and for TV! Imagine.

  1. gajendra says:

    I was waiting for these words to come from anyone and you have proven to be the only one as of now.

    Only I know what I was going through sunday, yesterday night. Watching that elephantine Ram kapur… partially unbuttoned. The worst facilitator in the history of Indian tele. Even the last scene when he was concluding, the mike was at the worst he was first time holding it, and doing the anchoring of the show for free.

    What to say of the family. Don’t understand from which world they’ve come. Made utter mockrey of themselves. Continuously… for hours. And that song ‘wah..wah ramji..’ by the emotional sisters was…. irrrrrrrrrr.

    The audiences. Sameer nayar the CEO Imagine. Baa and the bahu band.. giving the so called swyamvar a reality tv’s dramatic touch.

    Ravi Kishan.. playing brother. As dramatic as his then sis Rakhi.

    Where was Rakhi’s family by the way. Who knows.. Only IBN or India TV.. may be.

    NDTV family, the imagine, the india, the 24×7 all were making it a real national headline. Oh! god.

    This was a modern swayamvar. The script was written earlier. first episode of engagement done… second I know will be of dramatic break-up.

    Very subtly the gillible and poor minded people of India were collectively fooled. So, what? that’s what they like. That’s what they’ve been liking since the inception of SAAS-BAHU, voteout and SMSing.

    So, know when this another drama has ended, I would like to welcome you all… on your own idiot-land.

    I want to abuse myself now.

  2. moifightclub says:

    @Gajendra – heheheheh….Was wah wah ramji for Ram Kapoor ? Its nothing less than history that will baffle generations of sociologists to come, with the question who/what is rakhi sawant! and we witnesd history happen!

  3. sohail says:

    u stole all those words from me.. u r spot on..

    this rakhi is pulling out lies after lies, i dont understand why ppl even believe her.. i can understand this part but what a surprise it was to see Elesh fall in.. i mean, like what on earth was he thinking…! well he got his share.. fair enough for his part though…

    end line; ppl love to be fooled with..

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