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quickgun muruganYenna Rascala, whats the score ? Seven films this friday! We say, phunk it. We are interested in only one, Shashanka Ghosh! Dont mind it!

The film stars Dr Rajendra Prasad in lead role alongwith Naseer and Rambha. Few early reviews are out.

Taran Adarsh (Indiafm) – On the whole, Quickgun Murugan is an innovative experience. The adventures should appeal to the youth mainly – 3/5

Anupama Chopra (NDTV) – Quick Gun Murugun isn’t the roller coaster ride it could have been but I still recommend you make time for it. Because it’s wacky, original and inventive – 2.5/5

Chandrima Pal (Rediff) – QMG is as delicious as Mrs Murugan’s dosas. As Rice Plate would have said, “A1, Tip Top! – 3.5/5

Khalid Mohamed (Aslibaat) – The film’s chief quality is that it is wildly different, madcap and keeps you in a bright mood. Now that’s saying helluva lot in these days of kambakts and kamineys – 3/5

Rajeev Masand (CNN IBN) – If all you’re looking for is a relaxed time at the movies, then believe me, this is Good Fun Murugun – 3/5

Avijit Ghosh (TOI) – You cannot blame director Shashanka Ghosh and writer Rajesh Devraj for not trying something different. They are bang on with the movie’s looks. Too bad, the team fails to create its soul – 2.5/5

Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) – We like. The rest doesn’t really make our day, `machaa’ – 3/5

Minty Tejpal (Mumbai Mirror) – I hear there’s talk of a sequel in the offing. Well, knowing Shashanka and Devi all too well, if the two talented but stubborn eccentrics do manage to collaborate again, it should be well worth it. Take that I say, Austin Powers – 3/5

Baradwaj Rangan ( New Indian Express) – A kitschy spoof of Tamil Westerns has big laughs and one small problem: even at an hour-and-a-half, it overstays its welcome.

Sanjukta Sharma (Livemint) – You either get Quick Gun or you don’t. But just watch the film for the experiment it is. There aren’t so many out there.

Kaveree Bamzai (India Today) – I would rather watch a Rajnikant movie in Tamil with no subtitles for entertainment – 1/5

Gaurav Malani (Indiatimes)The 2-minute parody of Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om (from where the character of Quick Gun Murugun was derived) is much more entertaining than this entire excuse for a movie. So much of noise on the pretext of parody! We do mind it  – 1.5/5

Except few reviews, it seems the score is between 2.5/3 for QGM!

Kambakkht IshqBecause the braindead entertainment journos just put out the press releases, whatever  is issued by the PR guys. Indiafm has been continously pumping figures as if there is no tomorrow. Most of the other newspapers/websites also doing the same. Copy-paste the press release. But there have been few reports which dimissed the 100 crore claims.

Check out this report in LiveMint. According to it, the figures are as follows

Release – 700 prints in India & 260 prints in the overseas market.

Cost – Rs 75 crore including print and publicity, entirely funded by Eros International.

Collections – First week closed at Rs 20 crore distributor share (India) and will touch Rs 25 crore across its entire run. Collections were affected due to a massive downfall in the film from Monday evening onwards.

Verdict : Kambakkht Ishq team popped the bubbly, the dampener this week was that Eros will suffer a loss of almost Rs 10-12 crore on this film.


Cost : Rs. 62 crore, including print and advertisement cost.

Collections :  This report on is the same as the official press release. According to Trash Adarsh, the film has grossed Rs. 100 crore worldwide in its first week, making it one of the most successful openings in Indian cinema.

Rs. 70 crores in India (Rs. 42 crores nett) and Rs. 21 crores overseas business, with music & digital platforms grossing Rs. 10 crores.  ( Why would anyone count music & digital platform rights with the box office collections ? A clear indication of being desperate to add up the numbers and make it 100!)

The Times Of India

And now the figures according to today’s TOI (page 10. Could not find the online link. You can check the e-paper here and go to page 10, the header is For cine buffs, content is king )

Sold – At a price of Rs 80 crore

Collections – In the first week distribution share is Rs 30 crore, it is certainly difficult to recover the entire cost. Even if satellite rights are sold for Rs 10 crore and home video for Rs 2-3 crore, recovering costs is going to be a tall order – Trade analyst Amod Mehra.

Collections : Kambakkht Ishq had an excellent first week of around Rs 36 crore nett. The film has done brilliant business in the North while collections in South India circuits like Mysore are on the lower side. The collections on the 8th day have shown a big fall of around 65-70%.

So, what to believe and what to chuck ? As someone wrote on a blogpost, Box office news and updates of Kambakkht Ishq is more eventful than the movie itself. Couldn’t agree more!