Agyaat – new teasers and clips

Posted: May 19, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, first look, News
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Ramu has released new teasers and clips of his forthcoming film Agyaat.The film stars Nisha Kothri alonwith a bunch of other actors.

We sincerly hope that Ramu manages to scare us this time, and without any gimmick. In recent years, Ramu has failed again and again to scare his audience (not counting RGV ki Aag as we guess that was unintentional) and has only one formula to do so…the dhoom-dham-dhadak musical score which not only sounds jarring but make us laugh. Govinda…govinda…govindaaaaa!

( SPOILER ALERT – if gossipmongers are to be believed, the “agyaat” factor is all about a deadly man-eating python! )

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