Road to Sangam – first look, plot and more

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We had no clue about this film till we saw the poster. Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Pawan Malhotra on the poster, in lead roles. Wow. It rarely happens that such actors get any space on the poster of a film. We were sold, googled and here is more on the film.

Directed by Amit Rai ( any clue ?), here is the synopsis of the film…

Husmatullah (Paresh Rawal) is a mechanic and has a workshop in one of prominent muslim locality of Allahabad . He also is an office bearer of local mosque committee and is popular between peers and friends though not on good terms with the President of the committee Nawab Kasuri (Om Puri), a hardliner with a bitter history.

An old vintage engine comes to his workshop for repair which not only has a very significant national value but also is related to a very important event in the history.

As he sets to get it started, things around him take a different turn.

After a blast in the city, the local police does some arrest which is opposed by the community leaders and the local mosque committee. In the ensuing protest a young innocent boy is killed leading to a call of boycott from the mosque.

Hasmat joins the boycott only to realize the importance of the work at hand. As knowledge of the engine and its significance grows, Hasmatullah is drawn more and more towards a crossroad. As time and events grow around him, he finds himself standing on a rift with two sides parting further away with every passing moment. He has to take his call which will not only rekindle his philosophy but also will lead his community to a process of realization of higher motives and higher responsibilities.

 It all about that old ford engine which once carried the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi….on the road to sangam. Mahatma is back! We are in. 

For more details, pics and promos of the film, here is the official website. 

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