Rakhi SawantScroll down and take a look at the 16 pics. Does any of them look retard, psycho, mentally deranged, desperately horny, completely blind, fool, poor or without brains ? If not, why do they want to marry Rakhi Sawant ? What can be the real reason ? Is someone pointing a gun at their head or are they going to get fat cheques ? Or may be they are all ET, from some other planet and so have no clue about Rakhi Sawant. Or is this some kind of game ? We are quite baffled!

Scroll down the pics, more details posted. The 16 finalists for Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar. What next ? Rakhi Sawant ka honeymoon and then divorce ? Or the next seasons will depend on this season’s TRPs. Bring it on! We are not crazy enough yet!

Put the cursor on the pics for the names. For their age, location & profession, scroll down.

More details about Rakhi Sawant’s 16 prospective grooms. In clockwise order, from top. Age, location & profession.

1. Ali Bana – 30. Mumbai. Choreographer.

2. Aman Talwar – 21 . Haryana.  Father’s poultry business (21years ?? dude, control )

3. Ather Parwez – 33. Srinagar. J&K Police Crime Branch.

4. Ashwin Chaudhuri – 28. Nagpur. Runs marriage bureau.

5. Atirek Sharma – 24. From Kanpur, In Mumbai. Wants to get into cting.

6. Chitiz Jain – 26. Delhi. Garment export business.

7. Deepak Raghav – 25. Raipur. Fitness Trainer.

8. Elesh Parujanwala – 30. Gujarti NRI from Toronto. Family business. Wants to get into media.

9. Kapil Mathur – 28. Jaipur. In retail management.

10. Kripal Singh – 27. Mumbai. Stuntman.

11. Luv Khanna – 26. Delhi. Wants to get into glamour industry.

12. Manas Katyal – 22. Delhi. Media Professional.

13. Manmohan Tiwari – 25. Rishikesh. Lawyer. (wants to get into acting)

14. Pranav Damle – 26. Mumbai. Mechanical Engineer.

15. Raman Handa – 26. Saharanpur ( UP). Astrologer & Vastu consultant.

16. Rishi Dwivedi – 22. Kanpur. BSc Graduate ( Loves dancing & is a trained one)

Are these 16 best jokes or best jokers of the world ? Not bad at all. But we can’t figure it out. Interestingly more than half of them wants to get into media, acting or similar field. So is Rakhi Sawant their Ticket to Bollywood ? Hmmm…conspiracy theory again! 

The show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar goes on air on NDTV Imagine from Monday, June 29th 2009.

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  2. pooja says:

    I love Pranav he is sooooooooooo cute! I cant stop thinking about him.

  3. Venu says:

    Luv Kannna will be perfect match for Rakhi.

  4. Venu says:

    Luv Khanna will be perfect match for Rakhi.

  5. kavita says:

    I think Manas can be Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect to Ms. Rakhi….
    She should choose him only…

  6. mitali says:

    Manas Katyal is the perfect match for Rakhi. He is very decent and transparent also…

  7. Neeraj says:

    I think now Rakhi should be Mrs. Rakhi Manas Katyal.

    He is perfect.

  8. M. Somani says:

    Either Manas or Elesh…

    One of them can be good partner for Rakhi.

  9. Jalis Khan says:

    Elesh is very handsome and very good person also,
    and Manas is also very comnpetitive in front of Elesh….

    I am confused with both of them…

    So I should say…Rakhi has to take final decision either Elesh or Manas…..

  10. moifightclub says:

    Rakhi Sawant might not marry anyone…just a smart way to get TRP…

  11. emma says:

    i think she will marry elesh

  12. Prashant says:

    I think no one is suitable for Rakh !
    There is big differences in Katyals age.
    And elesh is NRI, so Rakhi will get problem in her profession ! But compare, this both Gyes are good !

  13. Pralhad. Kharat says:

    I’think chitiz zain is more better as compare to all the four participant ! Rakhi should marry with chitiz he is right match !

  14. vicky says:

    i am is the best for rakhi

  15. sonam says:

    i think MMt was d bst groom for rakhi but now noooo bacause he did not love him

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