Dear PJ, stop playing dirty & petty politics!

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PJ – As a reviewer wrote, ” Perhaps Prakash Jha is just punning on his initials, and laughing at us all”. We thought its priceless and deserves to be QOTD! But who knew that PJ would really get down to play dirty and stupid politics. First story is our conspiracy theory and second, our sources say, is cent percent true. And if second story is true, then we are sure about the first one too.

Here is the conspiracy theory. Padmaja Thakore posted a review of Fart-neeti on PFC, and in not so kind words. Two days later, the post vanished. No reason was given, where and how. And if you have been following Padmaja Thakore’s posts, then its not difficult to figure out how strongly she defends her reviews. Suddenly withdrawl symptoms! Why ?

We were curious and tried to put two plus two together. We found out that she is married to filmmaker Manish Tiwari who made his debut with Dil Dosti Etc. The film was produced by Prakash Jha. According to our theory, PJ must have got to know about the review and didn’t take it lightly. Ghar ka bhedi Bivishan, ok, Bivishan’s wife ( Yes, if they can take Mahabharata route, we are going Ramayan way). And thats why, without any reason Padamaja Thakore removed her Raajneeti post from PFC. If you are still interested in reading it, click here to read the post. Courtesy – Google cache!

Now, the fact. We have got to know that PJ has been calling the big bosses of one of the popular websites and has threatened to sue them and their reviewer. Reason ? Their Fart-neeti review and the reviewer’s hilarious pricesless quotes on him and his Fart-neeti film. It seems PJ, unlike his intials, doesnt have a funny bone. And our sources say that this news is cent percent true. If this is true, we are sure that our conspiracy theory is correct too.

Whats more, this is not the first time that PJ is doing it. When his film Apaharan released, something similar had happened. The film had a tie-up with one of the major hindi news channels. But when the channel gave a bad review to the film, PJ called up the person concerned and got into an altercation, on how they can give bad review to the film when they are channel partner! Since then, the two have not been on talking terms!

Someone need to tell Mr PJ that any kind of partnership doesnt mean that you own the editorial right over any kind of content! Unless, its Khat-Ni LajMi ! And yes Mr PJ, now we know why you lost the elections, not once but twice. Think big, play politics at bigger level, not dirty & petty ones!

PS – And after all this, we read a profile of PJ in the latest issue of Tehelka that portrays him as a man born with instinctive love for risk! Yawwwwnnn…..we have happily moved to Open!

PPS – Dont get us wrong, we also used to love his films. But then, his “films” used to deal with politics and not “him”! Now its all just a PJ!

  1. Not A Witty Nick says:

    From what I have heard from an eye witness, PJ was helped by Arjun Singh in shooting this movie, he allowed them to use his lands for the shooting.

    Is this some sort of PR exercise for the congress? Or the Gandhi Jr.?

  2. Fatema says:

    Since we are on PJ-bashing topic lemme add. A friend worked on Dil Dosti and said Jha was an extremely interfering and insufferable producer, the film was stopped mid-shoot due to creative differences and Jha took over completely more than before mid-way and that’s why the final film looks so patchy (well acc. to me. I told my friend so and he explained this as the reason for the edit being patchy.)

  3. mogambo says:

    Name one filmmaker who has not pulled strings to get positive reviews from media houses that have sponsored his films.

    Even Rajeev Masand gave a positive review for Delhi 6 even though it was obvious from his writeup that he didn’t like the film. Yes, IBN was a sponsor for that shitty film.

    @fatema .. Name one filmmaker who as a producer has not interfered with filming. Producers both in Holly and Bolly SELDOM give a free hand to new directors and screenwriters.

    Mind you, I fucking hated Khaajneeti. But I love almost all of Jha’s earlier films.

  4. i agree. Even have to say more., but would rather read on.

  5. Fatema says:

    Mogambo – Just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right. And just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean we accept it accepted. And above all, a line has to be drawn somewhere if we really want our cinema to change. How will it, if we even don’t talk about it JUST because it is done everywhere?

  6. Bollyfan says:

    Raajneeti mein raajneeti…Raajneeti pe raajneeti. Sahi hai!

    Kuch bhi kaho…badi bekaar film banai Jha sahab ne.

  7. mogambo says:

    @Fatema .. I didn’t mean to say that the intention of this post is wrong – i appreciate it.

    However I’d have liked to see Mr Fightclub mentioning other filmmakers and/or reviewers who had been caught up in this vicious circle. The post came across as harmless target practice with Prakash Jha being the Bulls Eye.

    @Fightclub… I don’t know what the intended audience of this blog is, but folks like Fatema and I get it. However the average idiot movie watcher would take this post as a silly attack on Jha. Please mention what you’re trying to convey, and please do give other examples of these motherfuckers who run Bollywood.

    PS: By calling an average movie viewer an idiot I do unabashedly mean that I am a more intelligent film viewer. And by ‘avg idiot film viewer’ I mean Akshay Kumar and D Padukone fan.

  8. moifightclub says:

    @Mogambo – we dont have any personal grudge against PJ, whatever we get to know, we put it all here. If you know more and can confirm it for sure, do let us know. will happily put it.

    Also, regarding Masand’s review of delhi -6, have you noticed how studio18 and ibn belongs to the same group but Masand has thrashed so many films of studio18 – welcome, life partner, fruit n nut, striker n many many more. what say ?

    About your concern for the average idiot movie goes, to itch his own. we cant help. let them do what they want. at best, we can shout, scream, rant and rave.

  9. Nesha says:

    I wud agree dat der r a few loopholes & cliches in da movie…but then which movie doesnt hv dat…at the end of the day it is all about entertainment..”mango ppl” go to watch a movie not after readin a review on BT or rediff…they go by da appeal of da movie initially & then by word of mouth…also it is has grossed Rs 620 million in its opening week (to say the least)…also Prakash Jha has been able to unleash the dormant acting potential of actors like Ranbir, Katrina & Arjun….& if u say that all critics & the whole of janta has been paid by Prakash Jha for such critical acclaim…then he really has to be backed by a financer like Bill gates for dat…or is dat cribbing all about coz u dint get ne premier invitation….I wonder!!!!

  10. mogambo says:

    ^ ..hahahhaha … Hey Fightclub, what did I tell you 😛

  11. Stone says:

    What if it’s other way round..that PT intentionally used harsh words for PJ’s movie?

  12. kennydb says:

    Thanks for this VERY interesting dope. I didn’t really mind the film that much heh heh, but all this is actually more interesting.
    Mogambo, gotta agree with you 🙂 “DAT DER R DA mango PPL WHU go FR TYMPASS N DNT HV TYM to EVN SPLL KORRECKTLY”

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